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  1. What happened to the shopto link? it now says it no longer exists
  2. I know this wasnt a feature last year, as you couldn’t have more then 1 contract, but with the owners of PSG looking fairly likely to takeover Leeds, I was wondering if you can have owners be able to own multiple teams, and if you cant maybe an addition to add in the future/ how could you get around it?
  3. What manager attributes increase during a save? for example if i set every stat to 1, would all of them improve, and would i be able to improve them up to 20? I think working with youngsters doesn't improve, but are there any others My other question is on Databases. I have a fairly good computer, and I want to know how i should run a database, where i will either A. be at 1 club, or b. do a journeyman where i will likely go to random countries. What leagues/advanced options should i use?
  4. i knew you could make friendlies for under 19, i just wondered if they would ever join a league/ever get an under 21 team. Looks like I will wait and see, will be too complicated to use the editor just for this. Thanks
  5. I started in the 3rd tier of Spanish football, and I have an under 19's. However, I'm not sure they are in a league, and im wondering if i will ever get/can request to get an under 21 team and or b team
  6. great start, hope this continues
  7. https://www.neoseeker.com/forums/40474/t1382160-guide-how-to-get-guaranteed-tycoon-takeover-1/ does this still apply? the file is still there but idk if it actually does anything
  8. FM19 demo and game works fine, but when i try fm20 demo to see the new game before i buy it, it says "failed to initialize steamAPI". Ive tried running it as admin
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