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  1. Hi @Harry Dunning, I just wanted to clarify that this issue isn't really a "progression bug". My friend and I are not even able to start the game. If I host, then he can't join the game fully. He's stuck at the club selection screen. The same happens with me if he hosts.
  2. My friend and I are trying to play FM20 online. We are primarily interested in versus mode, but we tried fantasy draft too. The problem is that the 'client' player is not able to go past the final team selection screen. The 'confirm' button is active but it doesn't do anything. We are able to go back but can't confirm and move forward. Meanwhile the host can see the client player's status as 'Adding Head Coach' and the host's status is 'Playing'. If it matters, we are in different geographies. Any help would be appreciated.
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