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  1. I blame the Bandits manager for not buying more players in January No need to worry though, I just can't see the Sheriffs getting promoted again. I'm surprised that Man Utd haven't bought any of the starlets. It's going to have a bad impact on them very soon.
  2. I'm wondering if at this rate we will have enough data on this experiment in two years time, i.e. by the time FM11 is released. The 07 experiment went on for 2 years. If this experiment is taking longer to do (this may not be the case), it might be wise to carry it on for 3 years instead of 2.
  3. Thanks for the update Kip! It looks as if the Sheriffs will be promoted but its much harder for the Bandits. I think the Sheriffs will join the Bandits in league 2 in this season and the Bandits will stay.
  4. There must be loads lurking. Just a quick comparison, "JoseRR's FM09 Big Euro Nation Challenge!" has 3,000 replies and 25,000 views. This thread has had just 671 posts but 24,000 views!
  5. Great update Kip, I just can't wait until both the Bandits and Sheriffs are in the premiership. A rivalry to match United-Liverpool could be made
  6. This is a good point. I remember how in the 07 experiment nearly all of them went to the top four and some lost out in games. And the wide midfielders who went to Chelsea did badly because of the Chelsea formation being 4-3-3 or something like that. It would be interesting to see if the AI can adapt their formations to suit the good players.
  7. Great update Kip, I don't mind waiting for the entire season report like you did this time. I feel sorry for Blackburn. They got 2 idiots! Although I am a bit disappointed that they didn't get more red cards
  8. Can't you delete all previous information in your game? If Kip backed his game up every season all the details would be preserved anyway and the current game would have no previous information so it would be like new again. I'm sure that would make holidaying faster.
  9. Can't wait for this! I think the best way to do the shortlist thing is to become manager of a weird nation who have no games except the odd friendly.
  10. Yes I do most of the things in this thread. Some of these things are hilarious, like the answer to the economics question
  11. Get Silva. I bought him for £61mil but he was worth every penny. An assist genious and formidable with Ronaldo on the opposite side of the pitch.
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