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  1. I've just done a quick experiment with this and I can't find any way of asking the player to consider swapping nationality.
  2. That's very interesting! I've just checked and Elkeson is indeed 100% Chinese in FM. I wonder if this can actually happen in the game. Has anyone ever seen it?
  3. Thanks very much for the replies guys! That's a shame but I suspected that may be the case! Elkeson must have been a one off. It does however make the inclusion of a countdown to eligibility a bit odd and completely pointless if it is impossible to do so 🤔
  4. Hi everyone, Currently managing Hebei China Fortune as part of a journeyman save. Was initially going to be a stepping stone but I've been massively surprised by how much I'm enjoying the league, so may stick around for a while to try and build the league/nation up a bit! I noticed that Talisca was very close to achieving Chinese nationality so went all in to sign him. Is a very good signing anyway, but even better if I can get him to pick up Chinese as a 2nd nationality. Thus not taking up a valuable foreign player slot and maybe even going on to play for China, following in the foo
  5. Ahhhh ok, never noticed that before! Thank you for clearing that up!
  6. This probably belongs in the bugs forum but I didn't know which category to put it into... I've just noticed when checking my fixtures that my match at home to Leicester City on 31.12.22 is listed twice. Clearly an error, possibly something to do with the strange scheduling due to the mid-season World Cup. Has anyone else encountered this? And if so, what happens when I get to that date? Surely I won't have to play 2 games on the same day!
  7. Interesting first game of the season in 2022 😮 (not my team) Was only 3-1 until the 56th minute, 2 red cards will obviously not help but 13-1 is ridiculous....
  8. I forgot he wore 30 too! You've just given me another one 😂
  9. I also have a squad number related one. I base a lot of my number selection (outside of 1-11) on memories of former players eg... 16 should be a CDM - Roy Keane 18 should be a playmaker - Paul Scholes 14 and 32 should be strikers - Thierry Henry and Carlos Tevez. 19 should be a young talent breaking into the team - Leo Messi when he first started playing for Barca. 15 and 26 should be CBs - Nemanja Vidic and John Terry. And so on...
  10. Been said a million times already but the ME has gone so far backwards this year that it's making me not want to play the game. Matches are just like basketball games where teams go from end to end missing one on ones. Defenders for some reason can't deal with long balls to save their lives. CBs just part like the red sea and watch strikers go through every time (and inevitably hit it straight at the keeper). I appreciate that the issue is being worked on and I trust that the guys will be able to fix it and get the game back to it's usual glorious self. I really can't wait for it to be s
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