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  1. This is the filter option I tried but it only works for one day. So I would need to click on it everyday and even then I will miss my own transfers because I need to filter out transfers so it doesn't work for me.
  2. Hello, I don't exactly know where I should put my Topic so please excuse me if this is the wrong place. But I have a huge issue with the Football manager 20 and it is my Inbox. I have been grinding the game for many hours in the last week and I love it so much, but there is one problem. I get about 60-100 messages per day about literally every transfer, contract or offer from the entire football world. I have searched for hours in the Internet for a fix but nothing worked for me so far. I have tried every filtering option in the scouting menu aswell as unfollowing everything in my social feed. The filter option works ok for me, but it is really tiring to click on the filter again every day because it resets on its own. I don't know if this is a bug or if it is a common problem and I'm just too stupid to find the option where you can turn this off, but I would appreciate it so much if somebody could help me solve this problem. Thanks in advance. (The file I attached shows the messages I received the last 3 days)
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