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  1. League desapear

    No i do not, sadly. Whaty you see added, was the lower leagues. Just a hypothesis, since the league changes name, i don't know when that happens, and it's the only selected league that do that, could it be possible that when the name changes the league must be added again?
  2. [11.3] 3 DC tactic

    Dont't mind me asking, but what results would be fenomenal for a team like Tottenham?
  3. [11.3] 3 DC tactic

    Here are the SS from the tactics, team stats and transfers A little explanation of the tactic: The DC's that play closer to the wings have the duty of marking men to men. So speed, positioning and marking are key stats. The central DC the same stats as above, but also a god level of passing. The back winger's must be guys that go up and down, good concentracion and resistence. The right CM is the one that deffends, so DMC or MC whit strenght, pass and defensive mentallity. The left MC, is the creator of plays, normally i use a AMC, because he also appears in scorring zone allot of times. The wingers must have value to score goals, because they cut inside. The ST, must a guy whit speed, allot of speed, that can score goals. Besides Defoe, and Lavezzi, Henry also plays weel here. So a guy like that. If anyone needs more info let me know. Thanks Don't forget to leave some feedback.
  4. Here is a tactic that i created for this new patch, whit great success. 1st Season. Also went to the Champions top 16, and lost in semi final of the league cup. 2nd Season The Tactic http://www.gamefront.com/files/20143519/541+%28Tottenham%2C+Abr+2011%29.tac
  5. Here is a tactic with which i won the MLS whit Toronto in the 1st season (save deleted by mistake) and now with the SL Benfica. Here are the SS: The Tactic Tactic Link: http://www.filefront.com/17234435/3-4-1-2.tac The players: GK --> All know this one; DC -> the two players which play on the sides, are blockers (Positioning, Tackling, Speed, heading, impulsion), the middle is the one that takes the ball (add pass). ME, MD -> Players must have resilience to walk the up and down. I advise that the starter and the substitute are of equal value. MC -> This are you Mascherano, Gattuso, etc. Guys that are pitbulls. For the left side a guy that knows how to handle the ball is a nice opcion. MAC -> It works almost like 3 Striker, and create goal balls. PL (right side) -> Player with features more mobile. It is the 1st to defend PL (left side) -> Only attacks, and should only see the goal. Here are the filters that i create to this tactic: http://www.filefront.com/17234486/filters.rar More info just ask. Waiting anxiously for your feedback
  6. 2 Tactic Pack

    Honestly no. But here is a tip, on your MC (The Game Organizer) pull down to the middle both runnings (First 2 options for me), the one whit the ball, and moves to the front. I only find that to be a problem in teams were i don't do the pre-season.
  7. 2 Tactic Pack

    To the 1st tactic: http://www.filefront.com/16980825/My_4-3-2-1.tac To the 2nd tactic: http://www.filefront.com/16980837/My_4-3-1-2.tac
  8. 2 Tactic Pack

    I started a new save, this time in the USA with one of the weaker teams, the Toronto FC. Here is the image of the regular season, and for those that knows in US system, I lost in the conference final. And I go to the Final of their Champions , where I was far from being a favorite, because Mexican teams are very strong compared to the States.
  9. 2 Tactic Pack

    Here is my first season in my premier league: Not brilliant, but main objective get i.
  10. 2 Tactic Pack

    Thx for the feed back. The intention is for MC goes to AMC poistion so that he AMC's can converte in 2 extras forwards. And also to use longe range shots.
  11. 2 Tactic Pack

    Done. And wayting for the feeback
  12. 2 Tactic Pack

    My 3 seasons until now:
  13. I created these two tactics after try other tactics that work well in top teams, but in teams whiout the good resources are not so successful. My top tactic and the one that i use to play http://hotfile.com/dl/49611429/b9ac349/My_4-3-2-1.tac.html Side Field Instructions: Short Pass/Ball Feet to Feet Explore Middle Field When you are holding a result, add the following instruction and change the mentality: Back Defensive Lines and mentalide for Counterattack This version is that I use when I get turn a bad result or the last 15 minutes. A little more offensive http://hotfile.com/dl/49611529/58f7784/My_4-3-1-2.tac.html Side Field Instructions: Besides the already mentioned, change the mentality for Overcharge and to put your lines more advanced The players to look for eatch Position: GK --> I think this position they know what to look for. Back Wings --> A guy that can run constantly. They need to know to go up and down always. And a good resistance. CD --> Quick with good positioning, marking and Heading. MC on the Left and Right Side: Piano Chargers and those whit the responsanbility for retrieving balls, but also know how to play a little more close to the area. MC -> Your playmaker and that can make that fatal last pass. With a pass and good decisions. MAC -> Guys that know to appear in the end zone but also with some creativity. PL -> El Matador. Someone very quick to take advantage off the balls put in the backs of the Central defenders. For lower divisons i prefer older and hard guys whit lots of experience like Fernando Aguiar/ Calado/ Afonso Martins, but whit a touch of guys in theirs 25/26 years old but whit formation or past in some good clubs. Also the filters that use in game: http://hotfile.com/dl/49611765/6812eae/filters.rar.html For trainning i use the ones made by masca masca. The AMC are training has Avançados And the Strikers has pontas de lança. Leave your comments. And you need more info let me know No corner Trick
  14. 10.3 Tatics Question

    Again whit corner bug's? Like in a previous FM this shouldn't be considerated a bug neither this one be. Like kenny said the only reports are regarding to players whit high levels of long shot's. This isn't a bug because, like i the previous patch the AI also have scored plenty of goals like that. So in your opinion it's a bug if the AI doesn't make a good tactic?
  15. Going to give it a try whit Seattle in MLS. Any sugestions?