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  1. Same thing happened to me.. The player was transfer listed, I made an enquiry amd was given a low price.. But when I bid at that price, there will be a bidding war, but even though I bid higher than the others (the others bid at the enquired price), the bid would be rejected immediately..
  2. Hi, I just encountered the same issue (which I posted on FB). This is what I wrote. Has anyone on FMM20 experienced this before? I have been playing with no issues, but then this bug happens and it upsets me alot because I was effectively playing with 10 men from early on in the match. Here is my account of what happened. Edson Ceita got injured in the 12th min (1st pic). I replaced him with Mirco Lipari (2nd pic). At the 68th min, I noticed something funny with the ratings page. Edson Ceita was still in the first 11 (still injured), and Mirco Lipari (even though he is stated as "FC" from "S7") was still greyed out (3rd pic). To my horror, I realized my team was playing with 10 men from the 12th minute. Subsequent substitutions went through fine (4th pic). Eventually lost the match, but got a screenshot which clearly shows only 10 players in my team on the field (5th pic). The final match report showed that Mirco Lipari was never subbed in (last pic). I usually have a standard action for subbing, which is dragging the substitute to the position to replace on the field. However, my AML was also able to play as ST, and I could have swapped him first with the injured player (by dragging on the pitch) before I realized it was a better idea to sub in an ST instead (reset tactics and drag the substitute to the position to replace on the field). So, in summary, it could have been any of the following actions: 1) Standard Action (least likely) - Drag sub to injured ST pos on the field 2) Swap Injured ST with AML before changing mind (most likely) - Drag AML to injured ST pos on the field - Reset tactics - Drag sub to injured ST pos on the field 3) Swap injured ST with AML, before changing mind (without reset tactics) (possible) - Drag AML to injured ST pos on the field - Drag sub to injured ST pos (now in AML) on the field - Drag sub (in AML) to ST pos on the field I wish I could have been more specific, but my mind was in disarray realizing that I was only having 10 men on the ptich for most of the match. Hope this helps. ::EDIT:: I just noticed that in the last pic (Match Report), the injured ST is in AML pos. This would mean that the most possible actions I had taken is (3)!
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