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  1. Hi, Sorry only just seen this. Will do. I'm currently in a new 20.2 save and I haven't had the youth being unhappy thing anymore, but into my second season and I'm still getting the lines saying holds no opinion etc. I'll check it again and grab a screenshot to show where i mean in the UI and upload the save to this thread later this eve. Thanks, Tuck
  2. I'm glad I found this topic. Since as far back as I can remember I've defaulted to a positive mentality, but this year things seem to have changed. My players make a lot more 'silly' errors than they used to. For me, balanced is the new positive (or at least it seems that way). On positive players also try and shoot from impossible angles whereas on balanced and cautious they will look for the cutback more. It could be argued that I play more attractive football on lower mentalities as well which is a little counter-intuitive. If I put them on attacking it's like telling them to shoot once the
  3. As title. I'm playing as Spurs. We won the Carabao Cup in first season and finished 5th (terrible season I know!) but all of the players have "Holds no opinion of you" and "has no relationship with you", apart from the promising youths that for some reason have no faith in me and want to leave, despite me giving them first team opportunities. Harvey White became unhappy and lost faith the day after he signed a new contract. Sorry if already mentioned.
  4. I'm Spurs. You can reverse your experience whenever I play Arsenal. I think they took exception to me winning 4-1 in the league so proceeded to hammer me in the Europa 9-1 on agg :/
  5. A couple more things I thought of. I'm loving the extra stats / presentation of stats like pie charts of short/med/long passes. xG is already a much better system than CCCs. I'm not loving my (supposedly very good) DoF constantly making offers for terrible options. I know I can turn this off, and I do have veto over them, but why is he making offers for 1.5-2 star potential players while also telling me to not give contracts to my youth players who have 3.5 star potential :/
  6. Here is my list of random feedback. For context I'm a long term player (since 01/02), have every version since CM4, and put over 500 hours into FM20 :0. I always try to play somewhat realistically and try not to "game" it too much. There is too much wasted screen where you have the centre pane and empty space all around it. It's like that on the team selection as well. Don't like. When you get the u23 / u18 results email in your inbox, I wish they were presented as a formation rather than as a list, bearing in mind my u23 managers 'creativity' in team selection it's really hard to
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