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  1. Who's in charge of tactical briefing? Skipping or leaving it to assistant?
  2. Thank you, because I always find player based on highlighted attributes, those three defensive attributes are not included.
  3. Hi TFF, I have a question about 2 midfields: if they have same attributes, the only difference is player 1 has better tackling marking and positioning, how will you put these two players in dlp support and cm attack
  4. What about tactical briefing? Leaving to assistant or skipping?
  5. Can you recommend low CA best 11 for cerberv4? Thanks
  6. @knap what’s the most defensive 442 or 4132 tactic like Atlético ?
  7. Can I use Lautaro at amc position?don't have the traditional amc player in my current squad…
  8. another question: why there are 2 days consecutive rest for match week training? Can you bring an example for it?
  9. any players recommended for amc like other positions you posted it
  10. or weak teams I should say...like the team predicted to be a relegated team
  11. @knap for venom&faith you will put left footed winger on the left or vice versa?
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