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  1. Thanks, Ben. I did read the vacation solution elsewhere and used that to move forward. Take care!
  2. I also have the same bug and came here looking for a solution. I tried deleting cache and preferences folder and it did not help. Mine was an U18 offer that was accepted if that helps any. Thank you SI team!
  3. Hi Tom. Thanks very much. Its weird. I tried this and blew away my skins and emptied my graphics folder. I then restarted steam and started the game. After getting into the game, I exited and it did not crash. Oddly though, I then entered the game, then cleared my cache. I exited and it crashed again. This with no graphics. Not sure if caching did something, but I'm going to give up for now. It took a long time to put all my graphics back and I just want to play. Maybe a fix will come up at some point or some of the graphics are causing the issue. Take care and happy holidays!
  4. Hi Jimmy. Yes, I am using a custom skin and some graphic mods (kits, logos, etc). Should I try to get rid of them and see if that isolates the problem? Appreciate your help!
  5. Hi Jimmy, Apologies, I haven't logged in since Wednesday evening. I just uploaded the file named fm.exe.9324. Uploaded at 6:09 PM CST on December 20th if that helps any. Last time I uploaded one, Kyle mentioned he couldn't find it. Thanks!
  6. Hi Kyle. No worries and I'm the one causing a hassle, so appreciate you bearing with me. I do have two crash dumps folders. The one with the smaller file sizes only has one file in it. I will upload it here. My other crash dumps folder is located in my AppData > Local folder and it seems to be tied to my crashes when exiting based on the date/time stamps. These are the large files that are too big to attach to the posts. This might be a windows os related crash dumps, but it is full of fm.exe.random number.dmp so I assumed it was tied to the crashes. I'm pretty certain I uploaded it to the cloud correctly, but can try again if that helps. Thank you! :-) FM 2020 v20.2.1.1326301 (2019.12.12 19.18.23).dmp
  7. Hi Kyle, Appreciate your help. I am using this method to change my save data location: Not sure if that matters any. My crash dump file is about 18 mb, so it won't allow me to upload it to the post. I'll upload it to the cloud. Thank you! Edit: The file I uploaded is named fm.exe.10892.dmp
  8. Hello SI Team, Everytime I quit the game and exit, I get a staging error. I think its been happening since I got the game. Not the end of the world as it doesn't effect gameplay, but it would be nice to sort. I attached my dxdiag file. I can attach a dump file too, but it says it is too large to upload. Thanks! DxDiag.txt
  9. extremeskins04, sorry for the off-topic. I am a new player and in reading your posts, I really like the skin you are using. I've tried searching for it and can't seem to find it. Would you be able to please let me know what you are using? I play on an 4K tv, so it may not work well, as I need to zoom in quite a bit, but would like to try. Appreciate the tactics information as well.
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