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  1. You're allowed 3 foreigners in the squad of 25 - but note that South Americans get Spanish nationality in 2 years, everyone else in 10. No foreigner restrictions in the match day squad
  2. Yep, who wins the awards can be quite puzzling some times
  3. One of the loans he went out on was actually to Wisla in 2021/22 Played 24 games, with 4 goals & 2 assists for an average 6.88 rating
  4. FWIW @Jurigag, in my game (now in 2023), he was sent out on loan a couple of times and then signed with 2nd division Cadiz on a Free in 2022
  5. 2022/23 Transfers The major signing (which doesn't show when I filter out all the loan/free transfers) was that of Frank Kessie from AC Milan, who came in on a Free Transfer to man the DM spot in the tactics I posted earlier. Ed Coenen was last season's leading goal scorer in La Liga while on loan with Espanyol. Mancisidor and Alastuey were 2 16yo regens with 4* potential (and already 1.5* current ability). Luis Pedro was a cheap and young back-up keeper after I let my previous back-up go out on loan to gain experience (and hopefully attract some big offers). Arthur was
  6. Walter Kanneman was pretty good for me and probably cheap if he's still at Gremio. And he doesn't take up a foreign player spot as he is a dual Argentinian/German national
  7. They finished 9th in the second season of my save, and were actually on the bottom of the table after ~5 games IIRC. Valverde was fired in November of that season and then the caretaker coach used some weird (for Barca) 4-1-4-1 formation for the rest of the season. It was very unusual to face Messi playing as a true CM
  8. In the first two seasons I pretty much used only this formation of my own creation against all but the biggest clubs when away (when I used a defensive, counter attacking 4-4-2): The reason for the weird formation was purely to get my best players on the pitch in as many games as possible. Atleti's squad at the start has a number of very good central midfields (Koke, Saul, Gabi etc), a couple of good left wingers in Griezmann, Carrasco and Gaitan and some okay forwards in Gameiro and Vietto. Add in the pre-arranged signings of Vitolo and Diego Costa, and they strengthen those positi
  9. Eh, the squad is so good now I don't have to do a whole heap - most of the games I don't even play, just hit the "Instant result" button after setting the line-up and picking the mentality. In fact, at the end of the last season I posted, I had 4 midfielders whose description was "Elite midfielder" (Koke, Saul, Leon Goretzka & Arthur), plus an "Elite goalkeeper" in Oblak and 3 more "elite" players in Griezmann, Correa and Belotti. My only weakness in the squad was at LB. Belotti performs well but he has been a pain to keep a hold of. Despite Atletico being one of the top 3 or 4
  10. That's a super effort to have Las Palmas on top of the league on the final day of the first season @Saint_Lane
  11. 2021/22 The season started off with the club subject to a take-over, which seemed to have the sole effect of reducing the clubs debt, and basically halving the monthly repayment and reducing the pressure to either win or sell players to maintain a positive bank balance each year. Transfers Domizi is an Argentinian wonderkid who can play all down the left flank. Paulo Henrique is a two-footed, regen Brazilian RB who i'd had my eye on for a while who I bought to play IWB at LB after selling Emerson. Sold Walter Kannemann as I wanted to give playing time to a couple of you
  12. 2020/21 Transfers A few ins for the first team, but no significant outs. Emerson was a bargain buy at LB because Roma somehow finished 16th! Mario was transfer listed at Man City, so was brought in to provide competition at RB after Dani Alves retired. Franco Hoyos is an Argentinian regen who had a 90+ scout recommendation, and Nunez is a Spanish regen with 4* potential. Karamoko is a 3.5* regen Right Winger who I have no real idea why I bought him considering I don't play with an AMR Competitions Almost the perfect season. Started off by winning t
  13. Wow, that is an amazing performance to have Las Palmas fighting for the title in the first season
  14. Because that is what is going to happen irl
  15. 2019/20 Transfers The major purchase in the summer was Andrea Belotti for €46.5m, funded enitrely by the sales of Gameiro (who was approaching his final year of his contract) and Vietto (who came to me prior to me buying Belotti and told me Bayern were interested). Brought in David Silva to mostly be a tutor on a 1-year deal with an automatic extension depending on games played. Aaron was really cheap for some reason - I'd tried previously and couldn't get him for €15m. Berza is a regen GK and Scaglia a regen CB, both from Argentina. Selvas is a regen CB/DM/CM who has 4*
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