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  1. Lol @ conspiracy theories. As if the SI team goes around replying to each and every thread. Besides, it's well known that the portuguese researcher is mostly absent from every and any discussion taking place here. Anyway, it's really easy to go around and find the correct latitudes and longitudes of cities in the database (use wikipedia...) and fill those in. Then you have all the data you need for the regional boundaries. Cheers.
  2. Fmrte

    Anyone experiencing that the program is really very slow? I mean, just hovering the mouse over the options takes ages for them to become highlighted. It's a pain to use it and I was only wondering if anyone was experiencing the same thing/have found a solution to the problem. I'm running it under XP and have all the latest updates installed. .NET 3.5SP1. CPU is 2.0ghz dual core and 2Gb RAM, no problem there. Both 2.0 and 3.0 versions of FMRTE are slow.
  3. I'm currently struggling to find a tactic for my Porto team so I'll give yours a go. I like counter-attack tactics a lot. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. 9.3.0 Genie Scout available!

    Kudos to Genie for this wonderful surprise.
  5. FM Genie Scout 2009?

    Translation of the program to other languages. It has nothing to do with genie not being released yet.
  6. Fmrte

    Thanks. Another smallish problem: when editing affiliations, when we click "search club" there's a default text there, "Search...", we have to delete it manually, then type in the name we want to search. Maybe it would be best the "Search..." text disappeared by itself when we click it. And yet another "problem": when we sort players by name on FM, they're sorted by their last name (or nickname, if they have one) rather than their first name as in FMRTE. Maybe it would be best to sort them like in the game. And yet another: I have no idea why, but in my game, when I'm on my club's squad page, and I click on current person on FMRTE, the editor redirects me to a player of my team instead to the team itself. Not a biggie.
  7. Fmrte

    Hey ruci, great job on the editor. Small bug I've found: when you sort players down by birth date, it sorts them down by the day of birth, instead of by the whole date. Btw, when can we expect to have a position indicator in that screen? Cheers.
  8. Cheat Training for FM-09

    Upload it or it doesn't exist.
  9. Piracey wins.

  10. In my case my monitor often suffers a lot more than my body. AND I've ruined a mouse playing, but that was years ago heheh.
  11. I have serious anger issues whenever I play FM. In fact I'm much calmer since I've stopped playing 08 a few weeks ago.
  12. Just to add my 2 cents: as you said Miles, "see it to believe it". I still stand by my point these measures are rather pointless, if you look at the whole picture. If much, they'll serve to check on how many copies you sold more effectively (as I assume copies will have a unique fingerprint and you'll be receiving its data upon registration). Regarding piracy, I think you must agree with most of us who say that it (unfortunately) won't stop people downloading the game, because we all know there really hasn't been an effective way to put a stop to piracy of a given game, by just checking on how many new releases get pirated very quickly after their release. Anyway, I hope the new protection lives up to the defense you guys have been making for it. If it helps the game sell more, it's probably money well-spent. But I still fail to see why it should help the sales. Sorry for the rant.
  13. DRM will not hurt FM's sales because most of the gamers aren't even aware of these modern protection schemes and will buy the game out of the shelves oblivious of what is imposed on them. As the game is more and more marketed at new users (instead of at the loyal fans) I stand by my point that hardly the game will see any kind of decrease on sales. In fact, it will be a huge success, bug-ridden, protected, limited, or not. What scares me is that SEGA/SI will once again turn up a huge profit and themselves be oblivious that they are year after year opting for obsolete measures to combat piracy at the cost of giving their real customers potential big headaches, and at the cost of losing some hardcore fans. All this to stop absolutely nothing: it's a given fact that EVERY software protection either has been or will be cracked, and that those who opt for piracy will play the game - regardless of anything. Unless game companies come up with personal security guards who follow each and every copy of the game and their owners around to check for them making copies, every protection ever released will be deemed obsolete very quickly. I voted "yes" for the statistic. I'll still consider buying the game, but I won't fall in the mistake of pre-ordering or buying at the first day, following the hype. I'll buy it if I think its cost lives up to its quality, and I'll evaluate that by playing the demo and following fans' reactions. If I feel DRM or bugs ruin the game this year, I'll wait until either or both are removed by a patch before spending my honestly-earned money on it. Not that I don't appreciate SI's work or anything, really. I have been a researcher in the past, have been an avid gamer and a dedicated editor, and have been involved with the community since the oldie CM times. I do very much appreciate SI's effort, work, and dedication to the series. I just don't know how well they are dealing with the pressure of being one of the most reputed software houses releasing games on the market. Success is seemingly going a bit up to their heads. FM has the potential quality to turn up a huge profit without these "anti-something" (I wouldn't call it anti-piracy) measures. If only the effort matches up to the yearly hype! SI is year after year investing more in marketing the game to the new users out there than investing in improving their reputation near their huge existing fanbase; and then they're surprised that "out-of-nowhere" new users come here and complain about problems in a game they did know nothing about, or that the community is so messed up they're unable to reply to stuff in the forums without people bashing them repeatedly... This said, I'll stand on the sideline and eagerly observe how this whole situation evolves.
  14. Error "Load all players from BRAZIL"

    Have you changed any teams' names?
  15. Funny team names

    Then you'd love "Associação Desportiva Cultural e de Recreio da Juventude de Pedras Salgadas" (portuguese club). Standing for "Association of Sport, Culture and Recreation of the Youth of Pedras Salgadas".