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  1. Anyone experiencing that the program is really very slow? I mean, just hovering the mouse over the options takes ages for them to become highlighted. It's a pain to use it and I was only wondering if anyone was experiencing the same thing/have found a solution to the problem. I'm running it under XP and have all the latest updates installed. .NET 3.5SP1. CPU is 2.0ghz dual core and 2Gb RAM, no problem there. Both 2.0 and 3.0 versions of FMRTE are slow.
  2. Thanks. Another smallish problem: when editing affiliations, when we click "search club" there's a default text there, "Search...", we have to delete it manually, then type in the name we want to search. Maybe it would be best the "Search..." text disappeared by itself when we click it. And yet another "problem": when we sort players by name on FM, they're sorted by their last name (or nickname, if they have one) rather than their first name as in FMRTE. Maybe it would be best to sort them like in the game. And yet another: I have no idea why, but in my game, when I'm on my club's squad page, and I click on current person on FMRTE, the editor redirects me to a player of my team instead to the team itself. Not a biggie.
  3. Hey ruci, great job on the editor. Small bug I've found: when you sort players down by birth date, it sorts them down by the day of birth, instead of by the whole date. Btw, when can we expect to have a position indicator in that screen? Cheers.
  4. Then you'd love "Associação Desportiva Cultural e de Recreio da Juventude de Pedras Salgadas" (portuguese club). Standing for "Association of Sport, Culture and Recreation of the Youth of Pedras Salgadas".
  5. Consider contacting the Cypriot researcher or asking how the research is going on the Researchers forum. It's all a matter of having all the data + acquiring the licenses. Part 1 is done by "us", part 2 is up to SI. I sincerely don't know if there are any new leagues this season - has anyone got any news about this?
  6. Only portuguese is Eusébio? Surely that can't be right. Would like to see at least: Paulo Futre - Porto/Sporting Fernando Gomes - Porto José Ãguas - Benfica Vítor Baía - Porto Rui Barros - Porto Mário Coluna - Benfica António Frasco - Porto José Travassos - Sporting José Augusto Torres - Benfica Fernando Peyroteo - Sporting You can find all the needed extra info on Wikipedia. Cheers.
  7. I guess it's more probable they add every other league in the world than the J-League. PES has the sole rights to use it.
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