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  1. How do I set individual instructions/positions for players on the tactics screen??
  2. Really can't get into this at all. The tactics screen is completely ruining the experience for me. Quite how anybody can call this an improvement is frankly quite baffling.
  3. I've found downloading from steam painfully slow. Genuinely the only time I miss having a cd drive in my Mac is FM download day.
  4. There's plenty of places to pre order with beta access without paying £30. Check out the green man gaming thread.
  5. This is new for 2015. A welcome addition too.
  6. Good point, I can't ever remember such a low key pre release before. Almost feels like a non event. Every other year I can't wait to play the new version. Really not overly fussed this time around.
  7. It would help a lot if we were given a list of retailers who have beta access included.
  8. I disagree, think processing speed has improved significantly with each edition.
  9. So is there an actual list of retailers who are offering beta access?
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