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  1. Having played 10 matches since the new patch, several issues so far. 1. Crazy cut-inside dribbling by wingers/fullbacks. It is there and SI has recognized it. But I don't think it is that serious as some ppl moaned above. 2. Dangerous backpass by dc/fullbacks. It is somewhat a serious issue that could lead to goals conceded in a stupid manner. 3. tiki-taka by technically poor players. It is a chronic issue. Nearly any team of any caliber can achieve a 70% or even 80%+ passing success rate. 4. much easier to score, especially for the home side. The number of shots and the scoreline are a bit too high. The reason might be above point 3. positive points 1. own goals reduced to a realistic level. 2. defender idleness reduced. 3. throw-in improved a little bit, although still needs more improvement. In summary, not one of the best MEs but better than 13.1.3.
  2. Exactly what a serious issue is in the current version. The fullbacks, even physically much faster than the opponent wingers, cannot press the winger enough. As said by KingJason13, when the opponent winger dribbles the ball down, the FB does close him down initially, but then moves away by a few yards (what the hell!) and offers the winger much space to cross the ball in. And when the ball is crossed in the box, defenders often stand idle and let one opponent player easily make a shot. That's why (nearly) most of our goals conceded are from crossing. Would SI please fix ASAP. Or could anyone else tell me how to solve this tactically. Cheers
  3. The same issue here. DCs seem more eager to feed the ball directly to ST, but 99% they fail.
  4. 1. try other sites located outside China to buy a copy, then use the code to activate FM2013 on steam. or 2. launch Steam via a RELIABLE proxy or VPN to disguise yourself as a user from a licensed country, and buy fm2013. Note that unreliable proxy or VPN may steal your payment details.
  5. Sure it will significantly speed up the starting and saving/loading processes. Not sure about other things. I guess if you have installed too much graphics that the memory cannot take up, FM may try to load them from the disk every time, just guessing.
  6. Obviously one size cannot satisfy everyone. So why not make an adjusting bar allowing ppl to have their favorite size? I still find the text in FM13 is far too small. Very unpleasant.
  7. It is a chronic issue about the text in FM--text too small The size of most text is simply too small. Not everyone uses a laptop. Many people now have 20"-30" monitors with high resolution to play games. Ant-like text is unpleasantly eye-killing. I honestly don't think adding an option in Preference that allows users to enlarge the size of text is something more than a piece of cake for SI. So why not do this?--much more useful than the so-called "over 900 new features" none of which so far appears impressive to me.
  8. Hi Ruci, Since, the calculation for 7-star Coach has been clarified (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=106997) Is it possible to add the filter for direct search of staff by star numbers? Cheers.
  9. Never expected it could be released sooooo quick. Awesome!
  10. Sorry if this has been mentioned. I want a feature to save/load the 'opponent instructions' before&in a match. Because everytime I have exactly the same opponent instructions set for particular formation, say standard 4-4-2, but I have to click the mouse 44 times before every match which is just tedious repeating.
  11. Cheers ruci, the new FMrte works for 9.2.0 very well. Thanks again. By the way, any chance I can save the customised filter in the future? Like specific filters for GK, DC, etc. Cheers
  12. Sorry the TT&F by wwfan is too long for me to read so I've raised one stupid question... Which is the base that wwfan's TT&F is built on: a) cracking of match engine b) revealing by SI programmer c) personal observaotion & experiment thanks
  13. In fm2008, (1) I only open german bundesliga but I want to know the weekly results of english premiership, italian serie A...etc. Is that possible? (2) During a match I only feel nervous when a second yellow card may be shown to my player, so please just make the rest card events quicker and let the match be smooth. "what is the decision going to be?" is too much and time-consuming in fm07. (3) Controversial penalty is rediculous for a 2D match. Please do not ask me anymore. thanks for reading
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