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  1. I feel i need to post my opinions of this current version of the ME, after a full season in the Bundesliga, i have to say SI this is by far ONE of the worst version of the ME i can remember in the series of the game. Tactics which are focused on central play & playing through balls forward through defences are rendered useless. The amount of one on one chances missed for both myself & the AI is absolutely criminal to say the least. Top top strikers missing countless one on one chances is just not realistic for me and judging by other feedback in this post, the vast majority feel the sa
  2. I started with Gladbach & finding it a real challenge this year. What tactic are you playing? I am also seeing my side give away a lot of possession, not so much with balls over the top. I have the 3rd best defensive record in the league but struggling to really get good numbers of possession or goals. Im playing a 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow (no wingers)
  3. Thanks for the reply. Any mods willing to offer an explanation why the stadium structures shows up in 2D highlight replays & not in actual gameplay? Would be great if we could get this incorporated into 2D gameplay as a possible view. Regards
  4. So are you saying this view is only available in replays and not actual matchplay? If so what a shame, looks great.
  5. What camera angle is that? How/where on earth did the stand structures come from? Looks magnificent, is this some imported skin? Regards
  6. Nico Elvedi from Monchengladbach is very good & i believe not overly priced. Great, cheaper option if required. Left & right footed too.
  7. I think he was referring to a response/update from a Mod on the long ball & CCC issues, not an updated patch.
  8. My two pennies worth for what its worth after around 10 games worth of viewing. An improvement in general play within the match engine, however noticed an abundance of long balls over the top of defenses. I play extremely short passing tactics and this is far from ideal & not how i envisage my tactics working out. I believe this is in no doubt down to the fact defenders just fail to deal with anticipating these balls, dropping off and dealing effectively with the threat. Top defenders in game standing static and only acting after the strikers are long gone. They fail to realize t
  9. Because it is a game. People have not got the time to sit through 3 or 4 full matches per day. Plus watching 90 plus minutes of match engine with, lets face it poor graphics quality is hardly like watching real life Premier League football.
  10. Borussia Mönchengladbach would be much appreciated if possible please? Regards
  11. Try Carillero, with cross more often. Will only work though if you have no player occupying the LW strata. Carillero drifts wide to cover spaces across the midfield strata.
  12. Noah Katterbach from Koln. Looks to have the potential to be one of the best left backs on the game with the right guidance. Stats are unreal for somebody so young and lets face it good LB's are hard to come by. Lucas Netz from Hertha Berlin also has great potential, also Left back.
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