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  1. I've started a career on FM21 yesterday with Dortmund and using this tactic and mirrored one. No tweak yet but its quite good i think. Long live assymetric tactics! :)
  2. @Dreambuilder If I remember correctly, you can't put Vol to middle of the pitch. It has to be on right or left side like Mez.
  3. Okey, I asked here to find someone who is using this tactic but I couldn't find I think. Although I couldn't wait for the answer and tested by myself with Atletico Madrid. I made a mirror version of original tactic to perfect suit to Atletico squad. For now, everything is perfect. No main tweak, yes OIs. Biggest claps and thanks to @knap MU0708 Mirror.fmf
  4. It's problem of ME. Even fullbacks always shooting instead of passing or crossing. I'm sick of this. I bought in-game editor for this and marked for every player "give passes rather than shoot" but even this didn't help. ME has some big and unrealistic problems.
  5. This was the best 442 last year I think. I dont like symethrical tactics and in this one there was 11 different type of player roles. Knap, do you think adapting this tactic to FM20?
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