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  1. a few more options with contracts and a bit more feed back from the player would be nice. so you can try and convince him that your club is right for him. things like promising him the captaincy or a shirt number or maybe the promise of certain success. just so there is the possibility of, for example, arsenal signing puyal from barca. very unlikely because of the players connection with the club, but these transfers do happen now and then in real life. could you also add more stats to build up for the actual manager like the computer manangers have. this would add something else long term. a few more things to say to players at half time would be good. things like you "have 15 more minutes or you're off"
  2. Instead of 2D Icons in match... Like in FIFA you can have a overhead view where you can see the head and shoulders of the players. In FM09 this should happen on a smaller scale though. You could see the shirts blowing in the wind on a match day. yes yes yes this would be good. please si the match look needs to be improved, not gimmicky or 3d, just better
  3. Personally spending money is something that I hope wont happen in FM, its too much like FIFA manager which is crap </div></BLOCKQUOTE> i know what your saying, dont want to go all gimmicy but, as it is now, you cant improve yourself as a manager enough
  4. manager contracts; some other incentive other than more personal money (that means nothing) maybe the ability to spend your earnings to upgrade your profile. this would be something to aim towards longterm other then the hall of fame
  5. surely its time to make the match engine just a little better lookin, not 3d or anything like that, just a bit better
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