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  1. Cool that's good to hear
  2. Thought I would post this just incase it was of any use to anyone https://rapidshare.com/files/814759004/Thurrock__v02___v02_.fm No custom tactics, no custom formations, no FMRTE, no cheating, I got relegated a few times. Thurrock have gone from one of the worst sides in the Blue Square South to the best in the world and on a brilliant financial footing. Hope one person finds it interesting Cheers
  3. I had this aswell Dicks would give his left ball to have any role on the coaching staff, Devonshire probably would as well. Also Cottee is still employed by West Ham in a certain role
  4. I've been shipping out crap youngsters and complete deadwood like Quashie for decent money and the fans are upset? What, I would rather see Steve Wonder play for me than some of the players I have got ridden of, absolute joke, it ruins it as well.
  5. So a club selling rubbish players for decent fees would upset the fans in real life, I think not, it would be the opposite it would make them happy.
  6. Oh come man, your a fan of football, I was very against fm 09 last year this year is perfect just be honest, this is a bug/issue, admit it, its not right that the fans are getting upset about poor players leaving the club for good money it just doesn't happen.
  7. Nigel Quashie some other youngsters that every coach member regards as poo and should be got rid of, these dare debatable players, these are players that are crap no use eating a wage in Quashie's case a fair wage of 15k and I got 1m for him, this needs to be sorted surely. I could understand if I sold Cole for like 2m or something but I'm not.
  8. I'm West Ham are I'm getting rid of fringe players like Nigel Quashie etc and the fans/board are getting upset there leaving, why? Also I got rid of a few youngsters who were crap, one had never even played for the reserves and same result the board and fans gets upset? This needs sorting as its affecting the confidence in me even though I'm doing the decent thing and get rid of the crap for money.
  9. Agreed even if a big name players drop down a division he's still not going to play for peanuts, the game needs to recongise this maybe make exceptions for people joining as staff/player.
  10. The people saying its not Zavvi's fault, when I specifically email them asking them will it arrive release day and they promise so, is wrong.
  11. Its the fact they posted it like Tuesday, Shopto customers had there copies on like a Wednesday, I think that says it all. Also I emailed them and they guaranteed me it would be delivered today, that email was sent on Tuesday.
  12. Christ sake ordered from Zavvi about two months and they can't deliver it on time, absolute joke.
  13. I've purchased every version of Football Manager, also played quite a lot of the Championship Manager games. I've been in the scene for years contributed lots of graphics, articles, stories. I've played every version quite a lot, even had two buy another copy of 07 has my disc got ruined. I'm quite good as moaning about things but in a constructive way, I utilise all areas of the game, all leagues, online and off line frequently, I want to make the current fm and future versions the best possible for myself, the consumer and for SI, as if we all pull together this will create the best thing possible but only with co-operation of each, as each part of the team is vital. Thanks
  14. fmgod2

    SoftAnchor Online Activation.

    Hold off, no disrespect, I've saved a bit of money for this, had to put in some hours, finished college earlier rushed up Romford got a copy, paid my cash over and want to come home and play it not be told to hold off authentication, taking the ****, maybe if this stupid system was not in place, we wouldn't have this problem.