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  1. So ive bought this little gem and im wondering where to focus imrpoving him. He has good pace finishing and compsoure should i keep trying to improve these so hes world class in these attributes or would you concentrate more on his weaker areas like strength anticipation decisions etc. Is this how you would improve other players ie focus on important attributes or focus on weaker ones ? Many thanks
  2. For anyone using Cerber V5 tactic - any hints and tips that you use ? Also what are the most important attributes you look for in each position or do you concur with what TFF has with all his tactics on first page ? Just wondered if for example your striker you will not use anyone with less than 16 pace or off the ball etc etc Many thanks
  3. Am going to play this season with Annihalator tactic. I have signed Fernandinho who will play as the DM he is a Model Citizen. I have 2 wonderkids who play in the AMC role and I want Fernandinho to mentor them as hes a model citizen and they need better Determination etc. Only problem is that Fernandinho has "comes deep to get ball" PPM and I don't want him to pass that on as it is a negative trait for this tactic in the AMC role. What would you do ? I may just mentor anyway and hope they don't pick up this trait as I think being wonderkids its better they get the men
  4. He has great attributes for a striker and is only 19. Obviously pace is a concern - should I focus on his pace & acceleration in training or is this hard to improve. His mentals ned a bit of work but my squad has good mentals and will mentor him. So should I hammer his physical attributes and try to bring them up or would you focus more on technique or something else ?
  5. Found a great striker in brazil who has some really nice attributes. hes 19 years old but unfortunately his physicals are poor. He has a value of 9 in acceleration / pace / strength / stamina. But has attributes of 16 in dribbling / finishing / composure / off the ball / anticipation / first touch / heading / jumping reach / natural fitness Definitely gonna buy him but just wondering how much his physical attributes are likely to change if I specifically focus on them or are they hard to improve ? Thanks
  6. Apologies if ive missed this but if I want my Ass Man to take training and I will do the individual training - what attributes is desirable for an Ass Man to take training ? I know you said earlier in thread ideally to have similar tactical preferred formation etc as you do, but what else attribute wise to look for to make him effective in setting training ?
  7. can you explain your process on how you set them mate ? Also do you use your ass man to do anything or do you do everything yourself ?
  8. Have you noticed any patterns with this ? - do you have a preferred personality for your HOYD ?
  9. I have a pretty decent youth team player who is fairly professional but has very low determination of 4. How do I rectify this, im assuming mentoring is the way forward, so does that mean I have to promote him to my senior team but make him available for under 18s and keep him there until his determination raises to an acceptable level ? Or is determination of 4 just a waste of time ? In this case his personality is decent, but if he had a poor personality but say good determination would the same apply and id need to promote for mentoring ? many thanks
  10. Hi TFF do you recommend any PPMs for your tactics and if so which do you find most important for position etc
  11. Love focusing on youth in my saves and just wondering when you are scouring the globe for young talent or bringing through your own youth academy players are there any specific attributes you prioritise. IE if a player has great stats but has low in something will you avoid signing him ? What attributes are an absolute must for you ? Just trying to get a better understanding of how developing youths work and how to spot potential players etc.
  12. How do you go about getting affiliate clubs all over the world to supply youth players ? Im on a save with Sunderland and am in the championship - nearly promoted to the prem. Is this a feature that comes available when your reputation increases or am I missing something ?
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