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  1. My opposing team got a strange red card for denying a 'clear goalscoring opportunity' against me near the halfway line when my striker was just about to break. Seems a bit far infield to make that kind of call. Bromley v St. Albans.pkm
  2. Liverpool (of all teams) being able to do something well doesn't mean Championship and League teams should be able to do it just as well, and TO teams like Liverpool. Are you just being facetious now? Your comment highlights the point other posters and I have made, it doesn't rebut it.
  3. You can't stop them really because they are bugged, regardless of what some in here keep saying or inferring. The only way to effectively stop them is to stop playing any kind of fun or attacking football, and sit back as much as possible. Defenders act as if they have no mentals and dribbling is still overpowered because when defenders do close down they just run towards and through the attacker, missing them entirely while the commentary says that "Attacker shows Defender and clean set of heels..." or something along those lines. i often get a center back running towards a player to close them down before the long ball reaches them only for their press to miss the player entirely place my defender several yards on the wrong side of the attacker. The runs are generally unstoppable because defence cannot track balls or players as well as attackers can, and this is true also for balls over the top. The defenders don't react to the ball at all. They try follow the player which they can't because strikers can latch onto those over-the-top long balls at full sprint as the ball comes over their shoulder time after time. I played about 30 games against the same Bournemouth side yesterday to test different systems and the only tactic they were playing was "hoof it through over the defence for Callum Wilson to run onto". You have similar problems with other teams that play with any kind of high-pace striker; their reading of the game or the vision of the passer is way, way too overtuned in comparison of the ability of defenders to do anything about it. Like you, I tried all different levels of defensive line, closing down, marking. Some methods reduced the frequency but they still happened at least 3-4 times on a good game (10+ CCC's on the worst games), and it relegates you to only playing one type of football to try shut it down, which is boring.
  4. Another game. This time with a back 5 of defence with 2 center backs set to cover to try mitigate the long balls over the top of my defence, defensive width set to the narrowest I can to try squeeze out room for central play. Please someone watch this one. 8 out of Bournemouth's 10 CCC's were long balls over the top to Callum Wilson while my entire defensive line stood and watched. This surely is a bug. Bournemouth v Newcastle2.pkm
  5. Not demanding anything. Asking to see if the issue is being looked at as a new problem with the ME or whether it's the intended design.
  6. Can we get an update on defender unresponsiveness and CCC's from balls over the top of a defence?
  7. Here's another game to highlight the problem with balls over the top. Watch it back and see how many of the CCC's originate from these long balls and how badly the centre backs react to the threat/how perfectly attacks anticipate them. There's also a lot of 25-30yard thunder strikes goals on this patch, too. Bournemouth v Newcastle.pkm
  8. Everything you said after this was a deliberately inaccurate summary of my feedback, and not very useful to me. If I'm wrong in my observations it's better for everyone that you tell me how I am wrong. You don't need to rephrase what I said for anyone else's benefit; I'm confident everyone here can read. Read my post again; I meant exactly what I said in the context of the greater points I was making. Do you know what a strawman is? Are you upset at this thread? Your replies to other posters have been a bit vitriolic. I've provided replays to highlight the strange behaviour I've noticed while playing throughout this thread and I am not bad faith posting because I'm angry at a video game or whatever you might be imagining.
  9. After playing some more games I'm just going to shelve FM20 for now I think. If it was possible to refund it I would; I'm certainly not buying next years edition until well after release. On top of my other issues and because of the way the ME weighs certain stats players who are average or even a bit naff in real life are absolute gods in this game. Notably several players in Bournemouth and Crystal Palace sides. I can go from thrashing Arsenal 6-1 in my first season as Newcastle to losing 5-0 against Bournemouth with barely a shot on goal with the same tactic. It is principally unfun to play because even when I can identify a player that is going to cause trouble for my side, there is nothing I can do about it. Coming up against fast players like Zaha? If I press higher up the pitch he'll have plenty of balls over the top to run on to. If I mark him tightly he gets away because of his speed almost every time. If I close him down and press he just dribbles through my players and is through again. If I play a lower defensive line he still gets behind by a combination of balls over the top or just dribbling around my players as they stand and watch. There is no setting in the game to mitigate certain types of players because the defensive phase of play cannot keep up, respond to or even anticipate attacks. Scores are artificially kept low by making shooting terrible, or making players do completely unforced errors such as passing sideways directly to the feet of an opposing player in order to keep turning over play.
  10. Part of me feels like the way SI fixes certain things is just to turn down the likelihood of them happening rather than make opposition players smarter at dealing with those situations. Take the current clear issue with balls over the top stumping premier league defenders time after time (This was also in the previous patch of the ME but has turned up in frequency); SI will probably just reduce the likelihood of an attacking player trying that ball rather than make defenders better at dealing with them which is probably more complicated. Nothing wrong with players trying it a lot, but they should be punished because 9 times out of 10 we expect premier league defenders to be able to clear those all day. The problem with OP dribbling- again, nothing wrong with players trying it a lot but they were getting away without any consequences because defenders had no way to deal with it. Defensive movement feels unintelligent in general. My high phyiscal defenders do not boss around small solo strikers as much as I feel should happen, which should then be forcing the opposition to try other routes into my box. Defending against an attack always feels lucky and scrappy rather than confident and comfortable. I don't actually know if defending against dribbling is fixed now or not (haven't played enough games). Check out the kinds of goals scored in this Newcastle 6 - 5 Everton game I attached (this is on the new patch). Some of them are identical balls over the top through the same players. Newcastle v Everton.pkm
  11. My concerns about defenders from page 47 haven't been fully addressed. They still don't track players runs, and really only seem to help out when an attacking dribbler makes a mistake with ball control or dribbles into the middle of nowhere. The 1-on-1's that are missed wouldn't stand out so much as unrealistic if the reason they were missing was because defenders were running alongside the attacker and putting them under pressure to affect their shot. As mentioned above, balls over the top are still almost impossible for centre backs in particular to anticipate. I see a lot of weird defence where a defender will move to close down an onrushing attacker only to run completely past them without making any contact. Defenders in general need to be faster, or dribbling needs to be a touch slower. They also need to be stronger in tackles but not so much that they're drawing the huge amount of yellow cards every game that mine seem to be prone to. I seem to be giving away a lot of IFK's around the very wide areas of my box because defenders either miss their tackles or just foul. It leads to a picture where if an attack is snuffed out it looks very scrambled and lucky, which isn't fluid or satisfying to watch. In every game I have no faith at all in my back line, because at any time a ball over the top or a through ball will leave them standing still while an attacker gets onto the end of it, even on lower defensive lines. I also have had a player shoot into the side of the net since the patch, but in general they are much more reduced. Crossing happens more which is good, too. EDIT: As far as 1-on-1 shot conversions, I'm noticing that these are much less likely to happen in certain situations. Wide players cutting in often just shoot at the keeper. Centrally attacking strikers who have a lot of time seems to also not convert as often. The situations I see goals most often are those where a high pace high dribbling attacker rounds the keeper, or one where the striker is already close to goal and only gets 2-3 touches on the ball after receiving a ball over the top, or through pass. Attackers given time to hesitate generally do so, I find. Again, I feel like this has to be this way because of the defensive problems I've mentioned. We'd have cricket scores otherwise.
  12. I understand what you're saying but a lot of us don't want to be buying a game that isn't 100% ready anymore. Why are we having to wait months for a fixed version every year when they have our money already? If I hear one more SI person say "well, the ME is very complicated so..." That excuse isn't accepted in any other part of our lives. Imagine if your car was in the garage for 4 months and the mechanics just kept saying "well, actually, automobiles are very complicated and if we repair the engine then the windows might start going up and down by themselves". Check out the striker movement in these last two matches, or more particularly, the utter lack of defensive movement. Strikers seem to know with pinpoint precision exactly where a pass is gonna end up whereas the defender, whether set to mark that player or not, has nowhere near as good anticipation and just seems to jog after the striker. Leicester v Newcastle2.pkm Leicester v Newcastle3.pkm
  13. The ME is definitely broken in some very key ways. I will not be buying FM next year. I am getting pretty tired of paying for this game only to not really be able to sink my time and effort into a near final version of the ME until February or whenever they get most of the patching done. I feel like this is a pretty fair response to having dodgy ME's being released at launch; I shouldn't have to pay to beta test a game on release. Shots into side netting is obviously a problem- if you don't notice the problem yourself then you have a tactical set up that isn't getting your players into these positions with these intentions. Changing tactical set ups to avoid it is not a fix because no player IRL would ever play this way, so it should not be a thing that we have to jury rig a solution for in the ME. Dribbling and balls over the top are way, way, way overpowered. Defenders, particularly center backs are utterly paralyzed by an onrushing attacker. The only interceptions they ever seem to have a chance of making is when the striker fails his ball control and takes too heavy a touch. I have had Harry Kane dribble through (as in clipping through the players) two midfielders (who were on top of each other pressing him) then dribbling between two center backs who stood there and watched him go by only to finally start running once they'd given him a healthy head start. Defending is completely broken and it does make this game unplayable to me. For the sake of the pedants; unplayable in the sense that it is buggy, inconsistent, unresponsive to what I'm asking my players to do and unrealistic (not that the game.exe doesn't work). Check out my defenders in the first half of the attached match. Don't worry too much about the tactic; I'm just testing some stuff. I am not, however, telling my center backs to be completely useless. They're doing that all by themselves. I'm sure these all will be fixed in the future but when I pay for a game in November I want to be able to play it in November. Leicester v Newcastle.pkm
  14. I'm sorry but I don't agree with this. All my defenders out paced the opposing forwards in that game, and have way better mentals than their attacking mentals too. Of course it is a tactics thing, because I know that if I kept tweaking and replayed I could beat them 8-0 or something, but that isn't my point. My point is that it is not obvious by watching the ME why this team were way more threatening than Barcelona and almost all premier league opposition. In the games I replayed their main striker was scoring one-on-ones like there was no tomorrow and their 4 man midfield were first to every second ball while pressing my team so hard that my players kept choosing to just go back to the keeper. A soon to be relegated League One team should probably not be able to do this because of the stat difference between the players. If Liverpool or Man City were doing it, it'd feel like it made sense. By watching the match I couldn't find one specific reason why this team were playing so well each attempt. They were just better at everything on the day, and the unintuitiveness of why that is feels unrewarding and wrong. I know it was a tactic thing, of course, because everything is. But by watching the the ME we're supposed to be able to see how to change our tactics to improve the game, which wasn't possible here. Maybe I was just unlucky and in the 6 or so games I played the AI players just got stupid lucky with the math.
  15. Yeah, tactical I could understand. But there should kinda be a limit to what tactics could do. Their 12k valued striker is making my very expensive Champions League backline look like a bunch of kids. It just doesn't feel right, y'know? They play loads of nice one-two's and tbh their football in the ME looks way more attractive and exciting than when I played and beat Barcelona. Their pressing never seems to fail. I dribbled circles around some of the best premier league defenders and in this game my players seem to linger on the ball so long that the League One (soon to be League Two) defender just jogs over and nicks it off them. 6th time save scumming this match and I won 1-0 finally, after a couple of worldy saves from my GK.
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