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  1. bugs regarding Match engine will be fixed in the next year version?
  2. i bought in beta, so i was confident about the bug fix.. anyway i will be awere about this issue for next version of FM. thanks
  3. where i can ask for money refound? i bought the games in steam thanks in advance for kindly repy.
  4. ok lets change the prospegtive, im not interestend in the formation but in the playng style, if that stile required play with wider formation ok, whats formation do you suggest?
  5. i agree with the last sentence, because that, i play with high tempo a more direct pass, anyway with direct pass, sometimens happen a throug ball from the middle but depend if the opponent play very wide..
  6. i try the formatoin suggested as well the instructions for many matche, seems that now the tact is more far away from what i looking for: now i have 350/400 passage with 55 / 65% possession the only way for attacking is from the WB, no one trhoug ball i have seen in the maintime i found this discussion probably we are in front of bug in match engine, and the tactic push to use wing or WB and score almost only from crosses or counter attack
  7. at the first impression seems that, i increasing a lot the incursion for WB and seems the only free player is WB and so every time the ball is arrivint to WB so seem thath we have the opposite effect more cross from the WB
  8. so let me try to use a a WB wid support, and lowering tempo i let you know the result.. thanks
  9. here some screenshot of formation and some statistics coming from last match played. no trough ball, lot of cross coming from fullback without success, match lost
  10. Hello, i play FM since 10 years, but from the beginneg i have this tactic dream, i like to see my player play like Sarri style so many shor passage and sort of tiki taka, this tactis shoud create assist from center with short throug ball, i hate see the full back try cross and hit the other defenders, i like to finish game with 700 or more passage. now the question, is possible to create tactics like abow mentioned or here is a limit given by match engine? Thanks for the answer
  11. the only way to score is with crosses or long ball as 2019 no trough passed are availabe in the game, is that my tactical error or it's a bug in tactic engine?
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