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  1. Best tactic i have tested so far after the patch. Yes i have only played 10 games but still. Smashed Atletico Madrid 0-6 away, they did get a red card but i was already up by 2 goals then. And do also have a really hard Group in the champions League too. Really good tactic knap :P No transfers. FM20.2BEOWULF442WAFKnapP107ALLCUPS.fmf
  2. Have tried almost all the tactics and the fm20sympathyforthedevilknapzaipleipzig is the best after the patch. Psg is such a pain in the ass :P Got a really hard champions League Group as well.
  3. https://www.footballmanagerstory.com/best-fm-2020-tactics-knaps-unbeaten-beowulf-4-4-2/ That tactic is insane, is it okay if i post the results here knap?
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