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  1. Increasing the reputation of your competition (>75) should do the trick.
  2. Jorgen, an example of Francophone Games rules with random participants. HIdden stages can be used. Nations are in this file grouped into three categories: - the ones that seldom participate to Francophone Games - the ones that sometimes participate to Francophone Games - the ones that nearly always participate to Francophone Games Franco_games_jm.fmf
  3. I have made a competition with 3 hidden stages. Everything goes well but I got the following warning : "ACTUAL_COMP::setup_finals_tems_fixture_blocs - no start or end date. Comp not set up properly? " I don't uderstand the problem as the file passed the test. Any help would be appreciated! arab nation cup_jm.fmf
  4. I made a custom Concacaf Champions' League. I simulated until 2018 and I noticed that the national league reputations were static. The 2018 concacaf league ranking and stars are exactly the same as 2010 (there were also no green or red arrow). Has anyone experienced the same problem with a custom continental competition? Is DLR only available with the official competitions?
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