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  1. Increasing the reputation of your competition (>75) should do the trick.
  2. It is Claassen's file where I have added hidden stages and trophies.
  3. Jorgen, an example of Francophone Games rules with random participants. HIdden stages can be used. Nations are in this file grouped into three categories: - the ones that seldom participate to Francophone Games - the ones that sometimes participate to Francophone Games - the ones that nearly always participate to Francophone Games Franco_games_jm.fmf
  4. jeje20031

    Hidden stage

    I have made a competition with 3 hidden stages. Everything goes well but I got the following warning : "ACTUAL_COMP::setup_finals_tems_fixture_blocs - no start or end date. Comp not set up properly? " I don't uderstand the problem as the file passed the test. Any help would be appreciated! arab nation cup_jm.fmf
  5. jeje20031

    CONCACAF Gold Cup - now with qualifiers

    very impressive work.
  6. Other questions : - Does Dynamic League reputation feature work with custom club continental competition? - Does the reputation of national cup change or is it static? same question for international competitions for club and nations?
  7. Does Dynamic League reputation work with custom continental competition? Thanks for your answer SI
  8. jeje20031

    Caribbean National Team

    it is indeed probable unfortunately but this situation is not realistic
  9. jeje20031

    Caribbean National Team

    Have you experienced this problem with Carribean National Team? Create a custom national championship competition in St Vincent for instance. The national team of St Vincent becomes playable since there are enough vincentian players loaded. Nevertheless, the AI national team manager mostly choose grey player instead of Vincentian player. I simulate for several seasons and this problem is still here. St Vincent is a playable country but the team is essentially composed of grey players which is weird The same thing appears with St Lucie, St Kitts, Bahamas, Cayman Island.... In other countries, everything is ok like in Bermuda, US and British Virgin Island, or Aruba.... Do you know how to solve this problem? Is it a bug?
  10. I made a custom Concacaf Champions' League. I simulated until 2018 and I noticed that the national league reputations were static. The 2018 concacaf league ranking and stars are exactly the same as 2010 (there were also no green or red arrow). Has anyone experienced the same problem with a custom continental competition? Is DLR only available with the official competitions?
  11. jeje20031

    From Zero to Hero - Versión dos

    Name: Common Name : Jérôme Breinburg Ethnicity( optional ): Northearn European Hair colour( optional ): Grey Skin Tone( optional ): DOB: 02/02 City of Birth(optional): Nantes (France) European Nation: France Declared for Nation : Netherlands Antilles Second Nation : Netherlands Antilles BSN/BSS Club: Vauxhall Preferred Squad Number( optional ): 2 Boosted Person Attribute( MAX 1 ):Professionalism Height( cm ): 170 Weight( kg ):70 Footed: Left Position( check the list for spaces ): ST Boosted Mental Attributes( MAX 2 ): Decisions, Work Rate Boosted Physical Attribute( MAX 1 ): Acceleration, Boosted Technical Attributes( MAX 2, Outfield only ): Finishing, Long Shots,
  12. The World Cup qualifiers are not exactly realistic since Puerto Rico did not participate in FM 09. In reality, they have entered the first round last year but in FM09 they can participate to The World Cup qualifiers only if USA or Mexico organises the World Cup.
  13. jeje20031

    FM2010 announcement

    will it be possible to create international competition or to modify the existing international competition? For instance, can we create the CONCACAF Gold Cup qualifiers or modify African World Cup qualifiers? is the reputation of the different leagues is static and fixed at the start of the game or dynamic? Same question for TV licensing and winning prizes in the leagues : dynamic or static? thanks
  14. Hi I don't already buy the game, but before I just want to know if you notice some changes in the competitions included in Football Manager. are the Caribbean Cup, the AFC Challenge Cup included in the game? The CONCACAF champion's league has it true format or not? Small nations in the Carribean plays a lot of friendly games or just play their two World cup qualifiers and that's every four years. thanks for your answers.