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    Im from Shrewsbury.. home of floods, Charles Darwin and a crap relagation prone team

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    Shrewsbury, UK
  1. Fm11sx

    just got the new verison.. i like the new layout
  2. - u19 caps to show up on Player profile, just as full and u21 caps show up - u21 caps to be mentioned in player bios.. also u19 caps.. maybe something "Player X was capped at **national** u19 level, before moving onto to get **number** u21 caps
  3. Fm11sx

    Genie also works great with Wine
  4. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    I've already created the competition btw I cant see where to amend to change the European qualification
  5. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    If created a new English Cup.. I want the winner to enter the Europa League instead of the Carling Cup winner.. is this possible? if so, how?
  6. Fm11sx

    jesus.. cant people leave the poor girl alone and let her finish it in her own time
  7. Just a quick question I've created a custom cup in England.. just wondered how I can set the winner to qualify for Europa League, ideally instead of the Carling Cup winner Cheers
  8. Fm11sx

    wont let me download from FMScout Says only one parallel download at a time.. its been saying for past 3 days
  9. i assume this fixes the bug about not being able to get a new job?
  10. this bug has ruined two career games attempts for me season after season of winning at smaller clubs, start applying, no-one wants you and choses less-talented managers instead
  11. not reading 65 pages to see if these have been mentioned, but here I go.. Job Interviews In FM11 we've seen the whole interaction thing taken up to the next level.. this could be tweeked to make job interviews when applying for a job. You apply for a job, either get put on the shortlist or rejected, and then like real life, you get a interview with the clubs board, where the answers you give have an affect of you getting the job Records : Top 10 Add Top 10 records to all clubs, nations and competitions .. "Most Capped; Most Goals; Most Cleansheets" etc. I'm a geek for stats and history built up over the my career games Adding / Removing Leagues at end of the season I tend to load up only a couple of leagues at the start.. England + 2 more; and basically pre-planning my career from the first click of the game. Would be great if you could add another playable league at the start of each season, or remove a league you have got bored with (i..e i dont have a real interest in what happens in the Andorran league once I've left it, so I'd like to de-select that league and load up the SPL for a different challenge Add a Manager - City of Birth Only a small thing, but its available for EVERYONE else in the game accept from us
  12. Semi-Pro My rep is currently regional and "talented young manager" thou I thought after 4 titles, I might get some love?
  13. I've won 3 league titles with Sutton Coldfield, the FA Trophy and finished 6th in my 1st season in Blue Square Premier yet I dont even get linked to jobs
  14. Surely it'll just be like making the County Cups? But on a smaller scale? So.. yea