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  1. I'd probably go DLF(s) up to because a CF needs a lot of space. In the middle probably just a CM(s) and use PIs to get to play how you want/what suits the player.
  2. There's a lot of people on another thread who have tried moving the CMs to the DM strata to free up the AMC and seems to have been very successful. On the first tactic I'm really surprised switching the DLP and CM(a) was worse! Did you ever try the DLF on attack duty?
  3. On the width thing, for me anyway, it's about seeing how the opposition defence sets up, if they're compact open up the width, if you can see big gaps go a bit narrower to try and get between them. Reus will still get in to good positions on IF(s) and your LB will still bomb past him but with Sancho on attack he should also arrive late for crosses from the W(a).
  4. It could be that your left side is all attack and right all support means you end up a little one sided. If it were me I'd have Sancho on attack, Reus on support and AM(s) as opposed to APM but that's more a personal preference. I'm also a fan of the CMs in a 4231 to be in the DM strata. Seems to give the CAM more room. Do you always play with wide width? I try and vary this depending on who I play.
  5. That 6-0 is just one game and there seems to be more that you're struggling to grind out, maybe the 6-0 was the anomaly?
  6. You mentioned changing LOE in game but do you ever change width to try and move defenders around more (or at least have to make a harder decision)? Change a role to give a different movement pattern (again to make the opposition have to move to counter it)? Even changing our removing the focus of play when you notice one of their players badly or space opening up. There's loads of stuff you can do to change things up and create space which could help get an extra chance.
  7. After watching a lot of bustthenet videos on YouTube (which are just genius) I tried changing roles slightly in games to help with this. Create different overloads, force space to open up and getting players to exploit it. For example switching a CM(a) to a Mezz(a) in my 4141 in certain games helped drag the opposition around more giving my other CM time and chance to pick more dangerous passes. It can really be the subtle little tweaks when you hit a slump that make big differences rather than massive, wholesale changes.
  8. I didn't use them at Utd on FM19 but managed them at various times to get Gomes, Chong, Garner, Gribbin and Greenwood when playing as Salford in a flat 4141DM. Gomes was awesome as a left sided inverted winger given a lot of freedom to do what he wanted. He ended up improving a lot Garner was the DLP(D) and just recycled the ball all day, super consistent and became club captain. Greenwood played as a CF(s) as well and Treq in the forward spot. He developed really well but Utd activated his buy back clause. He seemed to play better as the Treq, tended to be equal for goals and assists. Really helped the attack function. Chong was a bit meh, could never really get him to work well for me. Gribbin played as a CM(a) and functioned as an attacking playmaker without the ball magnet role and worked pretty well but again lost him before I had chance to really go through development.
  9. Yeah definitely, if they push it too far to shoot they seem to cut it back instead of just smashing it at goal which is what I've been looking for for ages. Makes me want to start a new game with Atletico and try it out.
  10. Lemar was literally one of the players I was thinking about when I asked this question. I have a regen playing on the right (obviously right footed) and he's got 25 goals and 19 assists in 42 games which I was thrilled with. PSG sniffing around him now though which is a little inconvenient.
  11. Yeah, I assumed that's how it would work and wanted to get some confirmation before spending a huge transfer fee on a player. It works a treat, crosses/cut backs are way more accurate as the player tends to be closer to the centre after cutting in.
  12. That was the thought behind it and how it's playing out for me so far. If he's going to cross he tends to be a lot closer to goal so the crosses and cutbacks have been slightly more accurate than normal for me. Quite often he's just in a great position to get a through ball or switch from the other flank and bury it. Favourite thing I've tried for a while.
  13. Ah, see this is why I may be a bad manager because I ignore things like that :P
  14. I put my BBM on to get further forward (provided he has cover) and that's what really made mine click. Has worked well with a CM(A) and a Mezz(A) although the Mezzala is my least favourite role to use for this.
  15. What I've seen so far is the inside forward gets to the byline but closer to the goal (almost six yard box) and cuts it back to a striker on midfielder running from deep. Either that or works himself in to a great position to score a placed shot so keep trying it dude!
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