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  1. do you disabled your page file (virtual memory)? I have the same problem and I disabled my page files before and after turning it on with Windows trying to manage it all, suddenly I am in my 15th match on the game with no crash... Fingers crossed though..
  2. I'm sorry to hear that... Mine is working perfectly now... Just had the 20.1.4 update and I have tried restarting my PC and also turn it completely off and on again, and all still well now... Although I'm still in my 15th match but no crash so far...
  3. sorry not to be a whiner but I have a lot of games in my PC, and never has this been an issue for all of them. Not to brag or anything but I have MK 11, FarCry 5, GTA 5, SF V, ePES2020, Battlefield, Starcraft 2, Forza Horizon 4, Dirt Rally 2.0 and GRID 2019 I also do some light editing with Adobe Premiere and Lightroom, and I never have any problem whatsoever with disabled Page Files. This is the first time disabling Page File becomes an issue don't you think you should look into this matter as to why FM2020 need enabled Page Files while I still have more than 9GB of available RAM in my PC?
  4. Huh.... I enabled my virtual memory and now suddenly all is well.... WHATTTT???? You guys please try enabling your virtual memory if you previously disabled it... It kinda work for me... I'm on my 3rd match now and all is well... I don't know if this is a temporary fix or not, but until SI come out with better solution, please just turn on your virtual memory eventhough you have HUGE amount of RAM... Thx @Blackwolf for recommending this fix... Will update if the game still giving me crash after I restart my PC or turned it off... I still prefer playing with VIRTUAL MEMORY DISABLED on my PC though...
  5. After every crash My Radeon card is like gone... The adrenaline software looks like it uninstalled itself. That's why I blame AMD in the first place But seeing other with NVIDIA card also have the same problem I believe its not on AMD side.. My PC becomes unresponsive, and 2 or 3 times my PC reboot by itself. But my firefox is fine unless the PC restart by itself though :((
  6. Really that is weird... I saw the game only consumes less than 1GB of memory when it crashed as it shown in my screenshot below.. I get new error though it said DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVE I'm pretty sure there is a problem with AMD Radeon Driver... But I will try turning on the page file just to be sure... After you turn it on you never experience crash anymore?
  7. Nope didn't need it as I never run out of the 16GB RAM... I even turned off Virtual Memory...
  8. Hmmm.. Yes so the problem is on the game side definitely... Hope they can fix it soon... Can't play for now... so sad...
  9. Hmmm maybe the problem is on AMD side? I don't know... Yes it doens't create dump file there's nothing else I could do...
  10. I have tried to uninstall and re-install the game but I still have the same problem... I also tried making a new save game... again the problem persists. Everytime I want to try going into a match this problem happened... Can you reproduce the problem?
  11. No... Not running any custom logo/skins/ or any add ons I have 16GB of RAM, and while playing the amount of available RAM always more than 7GB So out of memory MUST NOT be the issue here..
  12. I have the same problem!!!! Everytime I want to start a match, the game just hangs, and then quit to desktop with dangerously low on memory I use i5 i9400f, 16GB RAM, Radeon RX590 with newest 19.11.3 driver and SSD so memory won't be a problem as I can see I have still almost 9GB of available RAM at the time the crash happened. The crash happened ONLY when going to a match. and I have updated to newest FM2020.1.3 to no avail! I have attached a screenshot for further analysis... I don't use any custom graphics or any add on... Please help!!!
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