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  1. Shots on target need to be looked at. A lot. I said F it today and tried booting up the game to see if I could muster the match engine and ignore the issues that I personally believe are there... Started a new save with my favorite, Burnley. TWENTY minutes into the first game of the season, at home to Brighton, I'd amassed TEN shots on target. What in the actual? I ended up having 17 shots on target, to Brighton's 8. Won the game 4-2. Balanced tactic, flat 4-4-2, nothing special. Next game, away to Leicester - 45 minutes played, Leicester have TWELVE shots on target. They were 2-0 up at half time, Nick Pope had made ten saves. Do you have any idea how rare ten saves in a game is for a goalkeeper, in the prem? Matt Ryan, as I said, had thirteen saves in the game against me that match prior. I lost 3-1 at Leicester, they managed 19(!!) shots on target. The average "shots on target" in real life premier league is around 9, counting BOTH teams' efforts over 90 minutes. Tim Krul has the Premier League record for most saves in a game IRL, 14. Nick Pope made 16 saves in my game against Leicester. Had to step away again, gave it a last shot, but alas. Now this is not something I'm saying is gamebreaking for people's enjoyment of the game, but personally, as someone who values the simulation aspect and like to make comparisons to real life, the amount of shots on target/keeper saves in this game is unreal. I also played a friendly against some admittedly ***** team leading up to the season. Won 11-0..okay, fine.. I had FIFTY SIX shots in total(30 on target).
  2. Played Liverpool as Burnley. I'm 12th in the league. I lose 4-0. Fine, nothing wrong with that. 2 goals were Naby Keita headers from deep set pieces. 1 goal from Firmino, volley from back post after set piece on the side of the edge of the box. 1 goal from Salah, a header on the back post from a cross. Also lost 3-0 to Man Utd earlier in the season from 3 set pieces. 1-0 at Etihad after, you guessed it, a set piece header.
  3. It's the set pieces man.. The set pieces. Why couldn't their effectiveness/occurrence just be toned down a little bit? Just a tad. It's my only real deal-breaking gripe. The game is so good, but seeing 3 identical set piece goals some games, plus countless identical chances from set pieces, ruins it.
  4. Goalkeepers make ridiculously many saves on average in this game. There's way too many shots on target.
  5. What were the considerations around not touching the match engine this time around? Does the testing team, and/or the developers, think that the amount of goals and chances created from set pieces are realistic/balanced?
  6. Wow. Set piece manager 2020 it is. See you in 7/8 months people. This has to be the most disappointing version yet.
  7. I think this needs to be looked into. Brighton finished top 5 in my game, 2 seasons in a row. With basically the squad they start the game with. They played 3 central defenders with wingbacks. Seems this particular tactical setup is overpowered.
  8. Yea, this is an annoying one. You do get the option of "edit coach assignments" when you hire a new u18 coach. The option will be there with the news message when the signing is official
  9. All good :-) Also, my "9" average is referring to the stat between the two teams. So that there is a total of 9 shots on target in the game combining the attempts of both teams. So it could look something like "6-3" etc.. I don't have the latest data, I think 9 is from 2013. All I know is that FM forces goalkeepers into heroic performances frequently ;-) - or the finishing is outright too awful.
  10. I was talking about shots on TARGET. Shots are a different story, however also way too high in the game.
  11. Why are there so damn many shots and shots on target between the teams in this game? I play a conservative, balanced tactic. My games average 15 shots on target between the two teams. Shots on target in real life for the Premier League(which I'm playing) is about 9. It's not uncommon in FM20 to see "shots on target" stat being something outrageous like 10-9 or 15-9, something which would be exceedingly rare in real life. Goalkeepers have to be absolute heroes every single game to keep the score realistic. Oh, and the attacking teams obviously have to bottle a ton of chances. Which they do. I've said it before, but the most fun I've had in this year's game is playing a boring 0-0 with "shots on target" being a realistic 3-2. Unfortunately, I replicate this about once per season. But it's such a relief to have a game with about 5 "extended highlights" as opposed to 15 with 10 of them being from set pieces on the edge of the box, with three of them being headed in by a some tiny player. When I play Man City I crave to see some tap-ins from low crosses/passes and cutbacks. But like every team in this game, their path to goals and success is from set pieces and long shots. They don't "feel" like Man City. There's zero difference in the feeling when playing Brighton or playing Man City. Yes, City create more chances(highlights every 5 minutes). But it's all set pieces and headers. I have periods of having a great time in this game, but ultimately the match engine experience ruins it every single time. Typically what urges me to take a break from the game is seeing 4 identical set piece goals(taken from edges of box and headed in) in the same game.
  12. Lol, that is wrong. All of the stat-keepers online and for stat-companies, a shot only counts as "on target" if it's saved by the goalkeeper, or there's a goal. The rest falls under "shots" - including shots that miss the target, shots that hit the woodwork(without the goalkeeper getting a touch), shots that are blocked.
  13. The game is fairly enjoyable, however I can't start a long-term save until two core issues are addressed: 1: Chances and goals from set pieces are way, way too common. 2: Still waaaaayyyyy too many shots per game on average. I often see absurd numbers. It's a relief when you get that ONE game per season that's a boring 0-0 with very few key highlights and shots on target are kept in a realistic range for once. I feel like we're very close to getting there now. One last match engine update is in order imo. Or I will wait for FM21.
  14. Games play out like this: Score a goal against a stronger opposition. They score a few minutes later/on the next highlight. This "feature" has persisted in FM since I can remember. What is it with this game and goals CONSTANTLY being followed up immediately by either a MASSIVE chance or a goal within very few minutes/on the next extended highlight? Also, when I play Man City, Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal... I don't fear their fast combination passing or quick players to make something happen. I fear their set pieces(despite me playing as Burnley and setting my team up for this style of play). I fear Shaqiri, Sterling and Son scoring three headers per game against me. Who battle tests this game and these updates? How is it not glaringly obvious how set-piece heavy this game is? How many goals from indirect wide and deep freekicks do the testers think is realistic? What real life league are they judging by? It's ridiculous. Super boring. Set piece manager 2020.
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