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  1. So many chances from set pieces around the sides of the edge of the box.
  2. From 6 games in the Championship these are the shots on target between the teams: 7-6 4-7 15-7 8-9 11-5 6-6
  3. Still seeing a ton of shots on target between both teams almost every game. Strikers still finishing worse than sunday league players when squared in front of goal. The 1v1s are happening less, but as I said, finishing still horrendous. Probably by design considering the amounts of shots every game should result in every game ending 3-3. Also, still a TON of missed penalties. Yes, this is on the beta patch. I hardly see any improvement to realism.
  4. Is his and your team's morale superb? The conversion rate definitely goes up some when that is the case, but it still remains fairly abysmal.
  5. Yea, but I bet they are the rarest of "opta big chance", so your data is not reliable - considering these sort of chances are rare to see in real life. I think most "big chances" on opta are created from squared balls or cutbacks from inside the box(which especially Man City excel at). Hilariously, these sort of more common big chances are impossible to re-create in FM as players refuse to square the ball to free players in the box!
  6. Average conversion for what? Strikers being completely free on target, running basically without any pressure from defenders almost all the way from the halfway line, at the slightest of angles? Because THOSE are the chances we see on Football Manager 20. Over and over again. Countless times per game. Those sort of chances you hardly ever see in high level football. How many chances have there been in the premier league this year, where a striker runs alone with the ball for 30 yards with only the goalkeeper to beat?
  7. Yea, that's all well and fine. But it does nothing to stop the AI opponent from missing 5 1v1s per game. If you only care about winning, and not realism, your method works I guess.
  8. Yep. Most years I've spent much of my christmas holidays playing FM. That's out of the window this year. Can't play the game in this state, the ME is abysmal (that is my personal opinion). I don't need to see world class strikers miss 5 1v1s per game. Nor do I need to see 5 1v1s created every game in the first place.
  9. What about the heavily inflated shots per game, shots on target etc. It's way, way too high.
  10. Strong one example mate. Nobody is saying they are never scored. The problem is they're created too often and misses are way, way too abundant relative to goals. Also, defenders are not trailing the ONLY player making a run here? If you were trying to make things look good here, you failed.
  11. Dagenham_Dave has been at it for at least like 6-7 years. I have been away from the forums for like 3-4 years, but I distinctly remember his name and his tireless, constant defending of SI and the match engine. I have no clue what's in it for him, the persistence is insane. He certainly adds some counter-weight to criticism. To say the least.
  12. No no.. you're still all good. Frederiksen knew his pass would still end in a spot where Sadiq was forced to shoot from a fairly tight angle. Now try posting a clip where your player lays it off to a teammate for an easy tap-in from 6 meters on an empty goal - as opposed to taking a very selfish and unaware shot from an impossible angle. Plot-twist: you can't(even though there's countless opportunities for it almost every game).
  13. I am talking about a player being through alone and squared with the keeper, inside the box, without a defender being close enough to impose any physicality. You know, the sort of chances that are created and missed constantly on FM.
  14. Even the exaggerating commentators don't slag off players for missing a 100% chance more than once per game. Because these sort of chances rarely get created more than ONCE per game - (and if they do, they are typically scored, yaknow).
  15. It's not just the missing 1v1s. It's also the prevalence of player getting through squared or almost squared on goal. Alone with the keeper. It happens constantly. The hardcore defenders on this forum keep alluding to some sort of mythical "pressure" that is coming from a trailing defender who's 2 metres behind the striker, as the reason for the constant missing 1v1s. The fact is, these sort of chances are rare in real life. A player, running toward the goalkeeper with no one in front of him. Commentators and anyone watching a game irl call these "100% chances" when they occur. Yes, obviously not the case. But the conversion for obviously big chances is ridiculously bad on FM. Either it's straight at the keeper, or the ball flies miles past goal almost hitting the corner flag. Not just one offs, I see ridiculously badly placed misses very, very often in FM. Like easy shots from 10-15 metre distance going comically wide. Also, just waaaaay too many shots on target almost every game. It's not uncommon to see 15 shots on target between the teams, something which is quite rare irl. Also, penalty conversions are a mess. Too many misses. Just refering to what the game calls a big chance through the "data analyisis bro" is not sufficient. If the data is not in line with what's blatantly obvious on the 3d match engine, then there's a serious need to look at what we see visually represented in the match engine. Because the fact is, I see what ANY football fan would characterize as a MASSIVE chance missed OVER and OVER again. Game after game. So many ridiculously huge chances created(on both sides) yet so few goals scored. Not only are big chances too prevalent, so are the missing of these big chances. A fair scoreline for many games in FM based on just what we're seeing in 3D is like 4-4 or 5-5.
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