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  1. Its very frustrating how match engine is not same as 2019 was happening and when is this being fixed Also loans when opition you can recall someone its stating after loan started you cant recall
  2. Omg so no fix for samsung tablet users
  3. How,much longer till we have a update spend 20 pound get improvement for what to stop us playing
  4. Sort it out or gives us a refund of somesorr
  5. Well it better be quick as it's out of order Alex
  6. It's very annoying gone back to fm 19So so annoying
  7. I got same I'm having same issue I have Samsung 10a tablet
  8. Hi I had no issues till now during 3d match it crashes I reinstalled everything still doing it I cant understand why I have it on my samsung tablet
  9. Hi I played GM touch on my tablet with no issues now some reason my mat has in 3d are crashing I reinstalled it but it's still doing it any ad ice please
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