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  1. I don't care how much he costs, I'm buying him right now. The fact he's quite good is an added bonus!
  2. Hello all, I haven't been following this thread too closely of late, but I thought I'd share a small tidbit of info on attribute progression. One of my players has just suffered a broken shoulder, and I noticed that his Agility immediately dropped by two points. This happened immediately after the game, so it's not the usual decrease that happens gradually when a player is injured and not in training. So it appears that in the same way as match events can sometimes trigger an increase or decrease in certain attributes, injuries can sometimes immediately affect a player's physical attributes.
  3. Your discovery that Flair cannot be trained is interesting, SFraser. Are you aware of what causes increases (and possibly decreases) in this attribute? I know that it can improve, as this has happened to one of the players in my current squad. Is it the result of a match event, of the kind that were discussed previously?
  4. Son of a Gun: SFraser made a slight miscalculation with the Strength and Aerobic training category: it appears there are actually only 3 Strength attributes that can be trained for outfield players in the Strength category (rather than 4); and there are only 5 Aerobic attributes that can be trained for outfield players in the Aerobic category (rather than 6). SFraser will be releasing updated schedules at some point soon. In the meantime though you should reduce the Strength and Aerobic training for all outfield schedules. To do this, work out how many notches the schedules are currently usi
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