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  1. Stats from the end of March: Chances created per game with Cazorla: 6.13 Chances conceded per game with Cazorla: 0.37 Chances created without Cazorla: 4.77 Chances conceded without Cazorla: 0.63 Stats from mid January: Passes: with Cazorla 542, without Cazorla 489 Completed passes: with 464, without 409 Shots: with 17, without 12 Shots allowed: with 11, without 16 Goals per game: with 1.71, without 1.86 Goals allowed: with 0.86, without 1.29 I'm not suggesting Cazorla is the best CM in the world, or even the best in the league. I'm not suggesting there weren't problems with our midfield when Cazorla was playing. But he's our best passer from central midfield, our best short-range dribbler from central midfield, and our most consistently adept player at breaking the press from central midfield. His injury completely destroyed the balance in the team last season, to my mind at any rate.
  2. Arthur Ymele Feudjio (Heerenveen) has the wrong physical appearance data set for the 3D match engine. He appears in game with white skin tone and blonde hair; his skin tone should be black with black hair: http://www.sc-heerenveen.nl/voetbal/jeugdteams/a-junioren