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  1. Hi Rob! I uploaded a save called "Kleo Patra from Egypt (v02).fm", it is from just before a signed these two players. Thanks for having a look! Markus
  2. Hi! I'm actually managing at a very low level - 3rd Division in Egypt. All my players are Amateurs or Youth Players without any wages or even bonusses etc. I made some transfers for some additional players - now the "board are disapponted with the deal to sign" these players. "This is mainly down to giving the player a wage that is too high for his place in the squad"... That is nonsense, because these players don't have any wage.... I think the problem could be that these new players earn as much (0 €) as the "superstars" of the team, which also earn 0 €.... Markus
  3. Hi! I built up a file für the Egyptian League System as realistic as possible: Egypt Premier League 2nd Division (3 groups of 12 teams) 3rd Division (14 groups with different numbers of teams) Extended Cup with preliminary rounds as in real life Supercup (There is not much information on the 3rd tier on the internet. Therefore I had to focus on information from the last season. Memebers of the 3rd tier and relegation between 2nd and 3rd tier may not be 100%-accurate). Several Clubs (from 3rd Division and Lower Leagues) and grounds added to the database. Moved several clubs to their real city, created sveeral new cities, missing in the original database. NO players, NO Transfers Tested - works fine! But be careful, I do not recommend to use this file in a combination with another file, that creates new clubs. Please combine this file only with other files, that only make leagues playable, but do not add clubs. Feel free to leave any comment, bug reports etc. here! Enjoy the game in Egypt! Markus Egypt incl 3rd tier.fmf
  4. Thanks, that worked fine! I was looking in the Nation rules or the competitions... Markus
  5. I would do it for complete Egypt, because I have no sources for 2nd and 3rd Division about the rules for foreign players.
  6. Hi everybofy! I word on a database for Egypt (down to level 3, includes generating several teams actually playing in Third Division but not represented in the game). The file works now, but I don't find the solution for some minor issues: - Where do I have to edit which places qualify for the CAF Champions-League, the CAF Confederation Cup and the Arab Club Champions Cup. The Qualification works right in my tests (2 teams in CL, one and the cup winner in Confederation Cup and two teams in Arab Club Champions Cup, but the rules für teh Premier League tells me only the forst team would qualify for the CL and the second for the Confederation Cup depending on the Cup winner. - Normally only 4 foreign players are allowed in Egypt, it's no problem to set this. But players from Syria, Palestine and some North African Countries don't count as foreign players in this season. I once saw a rule to handle this, but I do not find it any more. Isst in Basic Rules or Advanced Rules and where do I find it? Thanks for helping! Markus
  7. Hi! This seems to be the official source for the TV and prize money of the Bundesliga: https://www.fernsehgelder.de/pdf/20161124-DFL-Neuer-Verteilerschluessel.pdf This site is calculating the effective amount for every season: https://www.fernsehgelder.de/2019-20/ranking/ Markus
  8. I played a save with Real Sociedad in La Liga in FM19 with the "more injuries"-file. For me it was a more realistic experience regarding injuries. I had about 2 to 5 players missing at the same time because of injuries during every season, which I think ist quite normal. nowadays. For some youngsters this was a chance to get several starting-11 experience, which helped them in their development, but of course I also had a hot prospectr with a long injury, which probably was not so good for his career. I will play with the more injuries file again in FM20. It feels more realsitic and I like the situations as a manager when somebody I normally would have left on the bench is showing good performance on the pitch!
  9. Hi! That's not right. Only the Top 4 Teams of 3.Liga are qualified to the DFB-Pokal. Every other non Bundesliga or 2.Bundesliga-Club has to qualify in regional cups. A lot of 4th and sometimes even 5th to 6th tier clubs take part every year in the 1st round. Nothings has to be changed.
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