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  1. That's plainly wrong though, some referees will have set attributes and other won't - which is the exact genesis of the player problem and may be why the penalties issue seems to be playing out only at some levels. There's two options: 1 - your theory, is that the ME is so broken on penalties but SI didn't notice this over months of their own testing. The problem is therefore elusive and complicated and may never be fixed. 2 - my theory, is that the attributes issue (introduced shortly prior to release) is making a number of referees in the game absolutely useless and resulting in the giving out too many penalties at the levels they play in, which are not those most players begin in. I'm no sycophant to SI, but in addition to genuinely hoping its the second one, I seriously think it's the more likely
  2. You;ve checked every single referee? If the penalty issue isn't this then it's something worse
  3. Can any of the brave soldiers persevering confirm the above persists in release, or have views on it?
  4. I've just seen a post in the bug forum about how news items still say things like "Burnley u23 have made a bid for" (albeit that wasn't the issue the poster was posting about). Can SI confirm whether this is a bug or a feature? If it's a bug, I reported it in here during beta, admittedly not in bug section but it should be blatant to anyone playing. If it's a feature, does anyone agree with it? I can just about accept how Castilla bidding on someone would be different than Real Madrid, but even then most news outlets would say RM bid. For Scottish/English clubs it should ALL be the same thing. If the chap just hasn't updated to full release then let me know.
  5. Might they not be partially linked? There's certainly a suggestion the penalties in lower leagues might be caused by mentally defunct referees, per the above bug.
  6. My CB just back-heels a freekick to the GK from the half line. This was in 19 beta also then taken out. Why has it returned back?
  7. I keep being told that "Club X Reserves" have made a bid for my players, for Britains clubs who don't have B teams. Wrong.
  8. Hello I have many greek players on Loan to UK for full season and when the brexit happens they all lost WP with no way to renew it, and I didn't even do cancellable loans? Any ideas?
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