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  1. Hello Neil, Thanks for trying to help with my issue. Yes I am experiencing slowdown and small freezes when I navigate through scouted players, profiles, going back from profiles to scouting list will reset my list order and freeze the game for 1 to 2 seconds, trying to change desire attributes in player search, etc
  2. Right now in the scouting menu getting 13fps, super frustrating to go through player profiles or even clicking on the arrow to scroll down the list.
  3. Hello Jimmy, First of all thanks for taking your time to check my feedback on the beta. Not using MSI right now, game still goes unresponsive too many times like it never happened before. FPS "dancing" all over the place makes the game have micro freezes. I only opened MSI to check this things, I don´t use it on daily basis, using the steam fps counter is more than enough. Just wanted to see with MSI how much of my cpu was being used which is very low, doesn´t this sound strange to you? A game performing poorly and not even 10% of my cpu is being used, same with ram. It is not the first time I read that the game is designed to run in lower fps, well ALL the previous versions actually ran at stable 60fps, I don´t mind sharing screen shots if you want. It is not even about the fps amount, the game is not stable and will freeze from times to times if I want to speed things up which ends up being super frustrating in a game were you spend so much time basically studying data. I dont really mind how many fps I get with the game, LETS NOT focus on that, the problem is the game does not work smoothly, the fps and cpu usage between versions was just some data I shared so maybe you get a lead on what is going on. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Cheers!
  4. Game sits at 15fps if I don´t do anything, when I move the cursor goes to 45 then back to 32 and keeps dancing, this is unplayable. During match engine it works at 60fps stable. I checked with msi Afterburner and FM it not even using 10% of my cpu and never more than 25% of my ram. FM19 and previous versions always ran at solid 60fps in menu and it worked very smoothly. FM20 gives me really bad performance while navigating interface, clicking on players, profile, etc etc.. at times it completely freezes, forcing me to wait several seconds until I can click on something again. This is super frustrating. Specs, I5, gtx 980, 16ram No antivirus installled, all drivers up to date and using ssd. Loading times are fine, the game is just unresponsive at all times. First time posting here, lemme know if there is some kind of file I can add to help with this. Hope someone can see this, there is clearly an issue with the game not using my pc to full potential. I am not using any custom skin, the game is full vanilla. DxDiag.txt
  5. Same for me, can´t play the game for more than 30m without getting frustrated. In 3d match it works at stable 60fps but outside that, it sits on 15 fps and will go up when I do stuff but it is unplayable. I checked with msi program and the game never uses more than 10% of my cpu and 20% of my ram so clearly there is a problem.
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