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  1. I'd also like to see the training schedule easier to manage and more exciting. And be able to have more interaction with your players, so you would be able to interact with them at any given time.
  2. I think that the money you earn from wages should be totalled up so you can see who are the richest managers in the game, but i don't think you should be able to buy things like houses and cars with your money or that would be getting too far away with the actual game of managing a football club. The scouting is very basic and there is alot of room for improvement. I also think that on the information screen they should state the population of a place because that ultimately shows how big a club is. Say for instance teams like Wigan, bolton and blackburn aren't very big clubs being in the premiership but say Leeds in and Nottingham Forest in League 1 are big clubs as they are big places. Football Manager should show a greater understanding of this.
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