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  1. Update. The next season, I got knocked out the semi's. I've now tweaked formation and won two in a row. The drought is over. Have to say, the win was far more rewarding knowing I didn't restart any of the finals or anything like that.
  2. It's so frustrating having to do it for every game, it makes the set up of the positional instructions pointless. I'm sure once set it stayed in previous versions.
  3. Yes, you shouldn't have to do that should you. Once you've said you want positional, it should stick to that all the time?
  4. For every game, I have to back to the opposition instructions and click to the blue position for each player, which then activates my instructions for the position. Then I play a game, go back into opposition instructions and it always defaults back to player instructions meaning I have to click them all back to the position one. I have control of the instructions via the staff screen. Is any one else finding this? It doesn't happen for my youth teams. Only my main team. Any advice? It's driving me absolutely bonkers.
  5. They beat me to the league on the last day of the season too. I needed the win. Fiorentina scored in the 94th min to make it 2-2. Then I lost the final 7 days later, after largely dominating the game. They did the double.
  6. Can anyone better this losing streak in finals?
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