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  1. Id prefer to go back to the dots in exchange for a working ME! I like the look of the new graphics but with the 1 v 1 problems to name a few this version id much rather have dots and not have thee issues
  2. Just felt the need to post this on steam: As someone who has owned every version of Football Manager since i was 14 (I am now 35) this is the first time I have felt the need to review it. Every other version I would have given 8-10 out off 10. If you have never played Football Manager before this version is probably still impressive. However, for those of you who have the match engine is the most frustrating they have come up with. It has a lot of potential, in terms of graphics and animations but it has various major issues which Sigames have acknowledged are major problems
  3. despite home isolation i have had to uninstall the game and this is when i have more time than ever before to play. Have bought some other games and wont be buying a future version again until I see ME working (everything else for me works great) but with matches being such an important piece i cant do it. I considered playing more as a football director and just holidaying the actual matches themselves so i dont have to watch the ME but its not the same. How Sigames are happy with this i do not know. Yes player numbers are probably up due to the virus but expect them to crash ne
  4. Clear cut chances almost only ever result in goals once the GK is out the way (player has dribbled past him) gk has saved the ball and the rebound is almost and open gaol, a cross or pass takes it so the shot isnt in the gks range. If its a clear cut chance with the gk in range conversion rates must be 20% tops. When you have two good teams like in the later CL stages it often becomes a complete lottery and nothing to do with tactics
  5. great posts jere_d Sadly i predict the will be ignored despite it being such a glaring bug
  6. hard to make positive criticism once the announcement was made that the major bugs remaining with the match engine would not be fixed in this version of FM. The existence of these bugs was acknowledged by the SI team and to be happy to leave them unresolved is amazing. No doubt fixing them is very complicated otherwise it would have been done post beta but it really blemishes the FM brand. This is the first release in 20+ years where the game is left with a ME that has such glaring issues. Before there might have been MEs you could exploit but nothing as significant as the 1 vs 1 problem
  7. sadly they dont care its broken. CL game here and have to now iwn last game to go through despite this ridiculous match. They score with first 3 shots vs my world class keeper whereas my wolrd class strikers miss chance on chance
  8. Again for me deciding the engine wont be worked on anymore is quite amusing. Above match a prime example: My team with 2 world class strikers and a world class gk: 6 clear cut chances and 4 half chances (2 goals one an own goal and 2nd a penalty...). Other team zero clear cut or half chances and 2 goals... The above scenario happens time and time again. The reality is clear cut chances (excluding penalties) have a 1 in 4 chance of going in at best? half chances a 1 in 6? The conversion rates for these for me are far lower than long range shots that are not blocked and also prob
  9. well this years match engine is an abject failure in my view. High potential but broken. Rest of the game is better than ever which makes it a huge shame. Again I wont be buying next years version without confirmation on these baords that the basic engine is functioning. I almost wish I had never tried this game and got used to the improved game outside of the engine so I could still be playing a version where the engine works
  10. CL league history in my save with all leagues (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal) loaded in full detail. It would confirm that the English clubs dominate (2022/23 final I managed to beat English opposition in the two rounds leading to the final before being smashed by liverpool)
  11. Im playing a save where I am 5 or 6 years in (despite the match engine issues) in Portugal where I had improved the youth rating in both Portugal and Brazil. I have the perfect Head of Youth Development. I found the first few years that Portugal produced a load of quality young players (both my own academy and external ones from small and big clubs) but from the 3rd year on the quality of the years intake (both my club and the other clubs) has significantly reduced. I dont know if maybe it calculates how many quality younger players or players of that nationality are in circulation? I
  12. I know the feeling. I often have matches with multiple clear cut and even more half chances but if i do score its much more likely to be a set piece or long shot than convert one of the actual chances... Not sure if this is because goal keepers are too good (at close range as they seem very poor from distance!) or if its because finishing/composure is broken? However, not sure it matters as it doesent appear we will be getting more updates....
  13. Lol can you believe this? Sorry guys we know the game is broken but you will have to wait until next year and buy a new version if you want a chance at a fixed game (more likely we want you to buy a new game that is also broken...)
  14. What an awful combo. The perfect time for many of us to play FM whilst isolating at home. I couldnt resist giving this version another go but its amazing that the same problems from day 1 have not been fixed: 1 on 1 finishing, huge amount of long range and set piece goals, Attacking Midfield position does nothing, strikers poor (mainly due to the awful 1 on 1s) through balls of limited use unless its to a winger or wing back overlapping. Its a great shame as outside of the match engine I think the game is better than it has ever been. How Sigames can say they have given up trying
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