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  1. Basically we have too any goals from set pieces and long range and too few goals from one on ones and clear cut chances. Overall it kind of equals out in terms of number of goals but is frustrating because you can have all the clear cut chances but easily concede a few set pieces and or long range efforts and lose a game... Yes that is possible in real life but it happens far more in the game at the moment than real life
  2. very disappointing if its not until the next version of the game... After this version where the match engine was for me unplayable for so long and even now I would say in a worse state than previous editions I would be reluctant to buy next years game until this forum confirmed it is working well. Worse case I hope the developers realise that they should focus on making the current engine as good as it can before adding further changes. I dont know why/how the match engine went so far backwards from the previous version of FM to this version?
  3. great, but conversion ratio from heading and crossing seems much higher than through balls so hoping this is also fixed alongside 1 on 1 finishing!
  4. also regular CM's seem to bang in goals (10-15 a season and as many as the forwards..) but a AM will almost never score from open play in this version. You would get more goals from various DM roles
  5. I have found the AM position in this version of FM very weak. Scores and assists far less than a central midfield regardless of their role. Doesent matter if its behind 1 or 2 strikers or with Attacking wide players Maybe its partly also down to clever through balls resulting in 1 on 1s are usually missed anyway.
  6. im amazed that this is still such a major issue. If my players are through on goal (no defenders anywhere near) they have about a 1 in 5 chance of putting the ball in the net... Conversion rates from corners and free kicks seems the same as 1 on 1s! Conversion rates from long shots seems to be better. By now i dont think the FM team should need any attachments. Its so obvious
  7. 100% a problem for me. Lots of nice long range screamers going in and countless easy 1 on 1s missed
  8. 100% still a major problem. I play in the Portuguese league and 5 seasons in have pretty world class forwards but more likely to get a midfielder to score from 30 yards than finish a 1 on 1
  9. i tried in the past making the feeder teams for the MLS draft have much better facilities and youth recruitment and even boosted the US's you rating but still found the quality of the players in the draft was very poor. Good players would go abroad rather than enter draft and a lot of players didnt enter the draft until the age of 22 or 23... Anyone else have a similar experience?
  10. thanks guys, sounds like its better to wait a while longer... I wont be buying future additions until everything is resolved going forward as I mainly like to play custom leagues in remote countries so player updates not that important for me
  11. I have patiently waited for a fix and its encouraging this beta has been released. Would those have tested it and are playing it say the ME now works well enough to play without too much frustration? Are one on ones better? Do wingers make better decisions, do defenders stop the over the top pass, etc?
  12. its pretty shocking if ME inst fixed until March. This is the last time I buy the game before then if so . Next edition should have zero match engine changes (providing its fixed in march!) and focus on other aspects rather than releasing a broken ME for the first 5-6 months
  13. Hi hoping someone might be able to help. Im looking to make a cup which pulls only teams who finished 3rd to 8th in the league. If anyone knows how please let me know!
  14. there was a greek striker you could even sign with league 1 teams in the UK who was class at any level in the game one addition.
  15. If I manage an Indonesian side can I qualify for the ACL? I know in previous editions a few years back that only leagues from larger nations qualified, has this changed last few years? Cheers
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