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  1. Thanks for this, exactly the sort of thing I was thinking of I'd been thinking 3rd gen Ryzen 3, a X570 motherboard and using on board Vega graphics. But coming to conclusion B450 will do in terms of motherboard, and might be better paying the bit more for Ryzen 5 But still feels like I can get some similar levels of performance from laptops at a similar price
  2. Hi I've had a read through of the thread, and have picked up some points and info, I would like some guidance, clarifications if kind enough I used to play FM back in the day and am looking at getting back into it, a heavy user, priority would be given to minimising waiting time over visuals, processing power over graphics, 5 leagues+, more players, data. Stopped playing when it moved to steam, so wondering if bottlenecks are relatively similar, if internet connection plays a larger part, if poor visuals drag performance etc, happy to sacrifice and compromise for efficient performance, would appreciate extra capacity in hand But am surprised by laptop cost, while entry price for a gaming desktop seems relatively high. I'm comparing apples with oranges, I'm looking at better spec desktops, but it feels like a chasm of performance and cost that I might be better served crossing at a later date with a different purchase I've been waiting for run up to black friday, and value is probably my most important metric, started around £300 mark but can extend to £600 if merited. I've probably been looking at 300 and 450 mark on laptops and could upgrade RAM. But I'm starting to look at desktops and still feel confused about cooling, recent changes in terms of graphics, SSDs and where upgrades and development are most relevant etc Been looking at ebuyer desktops at around £200 price and have seen some on amazon, but once I add in cost of monitor, I'm near a similar price to laptop. I don't mind getting an Windows OS if need to and price makes sense, but I don't want to have to buy several components to get it to function effectively. I'm thinking I could get an external GPU if I wanted to upgrade I'm ideally trying to find an out the box desktop and monitor package that tempts me away from some of the laptop options, extra power, 4k gaming or viewing, ability to upgrade, great value
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