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  1. You've obviously never seen a Preston north end match... This happens in real life so i've just come to accept it on the game
  2. He scored most from a Right Wing position for me when i had him at North End
  3. Do Preston North End, try get better than mid-table and then try not to struggle when 50% of your team want to move to a bigger club the next transfer window
  4. Seen this mentioned a few times and it's been said that this is being worked on
  5. I've scored a lot of free kicks actually so I don't think that's an issue. How many free kicks do you see scored in a match every week? I know my real life team never score them so it's quite accurate. Regarding the shots to side netting it's been mentioned loads that it's something that's being looked into
  6. I get this, it's only thing I've found so far in the game that slightly annoys me. So many chances to pass the ball for a definite goal but they shoot from silly angles
  7. I signed Matty Longstaff on loan from Newcastle for my Preston save and he was a star player for me. Great signing
  8. Honestly no idea how it happened, went through pre-season last night and won 4 of the 6 games. First match of the season vs Zaragoza tonight
  9. What @superposh said. I only ever offer to club if they're of no use to me whatsoever and i don't mind losing money on them. Transfer list them and see if anyone comes back with a bigger offer
  10. Started with Preston North End, there for 2 seasons. Finished the first season in 12th and the second in 9th. My contract was due to end at the end of the 2020/2021 season so with 3 games left of the season I got an interview offer from Atletico Madrid... and offered the job! I'm just waiting for the start of the season now
  11. I found with my Preston save that the board where blocking some of my transfers due to the Club Vision stating that they wanted me to sign English players that are under 23 from English clubs. Check your club vision and see what players they want you to sign, this could be the reason
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