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  1. If Louis van Gaal came into Old Trafford with the intention of reducing the pool of established players, especially in attacking areas, in order to give youth a chance, I'm prepared to give him his due there. I'm just not convinced he really thought things through that much. I'm not sure what his strategy ever is. As far as I could tell, he showed up, thought he could bring his formation and style from his successful Netherlands side to United, told us to give it a couple of months to allow it to work, realised it didn't work, ditched it and then winged it ever since. Injuries are still the main reason young players have found themselves in the first team squad, couple with poor form from a number of players which seems to have reduced his faith in them. If these chances came about because he made sure the squad was small in order to allow youngsters to get there chance, fair enough. A brave and flawed approach, though.
  2. These two statements are entirely contradictory. Why should he be praised for doing something it was literally impossible not to do? If we'd not had constant injuries crises, we just wouldn't have seen the likes of Rashford or Fosu-Mensah this season.
  3. Chris Smalling on today's game: "It was a game where they were well organised, we were well organised and we cancelled each other out. It was gutting to lose really. To concede in a sloppy way when two teams were so well organised is unacceptable." This is the root of the problem. Under Ferguson, we'd concede sloppy goals. We sometimes lined up with Mikael Silvestre, John O'Shea and Wes Brown in the same back four. But we had bags of attacking quality and attacking intent. We'd remedy lapses of concentration at the back (or at least try to) by going all out - especially at home. We also need to get over the fact that the opposition are "well-organised". A manager isn't earning his corn if his side don't set up at Old Trafford to keep it tight. We need to ask ourselves why we can't unlock this. Juan Mata was purchased to answer that specific problem. Wayne Rooney is paid astronomical sums of money presumably because someone somewhere thinks he might be quite good at scoring and/or creating goals. Isn't Ander Herrera supposed to be the best attacking midfielder we've had since Paul Scholes? We never have a settled defence, and we can't break down sides that do. There's plenty of blame to apportion - some of the players, Louis van Gaal, Ed Woodward, David Moyes, Sir Alex Ferguson, the Glazers. They've all done their part to create this situation.
  4. That Tottenham v Leicester match was fantastic. Two sides - both theoretically weakened to some extent - exhibiting the stamps of their respective managers, playing with purpose, looking to get forward, disciplined where necessary but clearly trusted to play with freedom and to express themselves. Now I thought that, during the latter few seasons of Ferguson's reign we were quite tedious to watch at times once players like Ronaldo and Tevez went elsewhere and Scholes and Giggs faded, but the way I just described the Spurs/Leicester game could have been referring to what we were treated to for the majority of the last quarter-century. You can argue that we never had any right to expect to dominate the domestic game the way we used to and that it was always going to be tough once Fergie left, and of course Chelsea and Man City now have monumental resources, but to trash an identity so meticulously constructed, to throw a philosophy out of the window so brazenly - what right does Louis van Gaal think he has to do this? At least Fergie's more austere, less attractive final few years saw a degree of success to offset that change in style. And Moyes was just never up to the job. I can't believe van Gaal doesn't understand what is expected at Old Trafford. I'm sure some of us would tolerate this staid, monotonous, shackled new dawn if it was working, but it isn't. I was jealous of Spurs and Leicester today. Granted, it finished 2-2, so you could argue a bit more conservatism might have seen one side or another through. But at least it suggested the two managers know they're in the entertainment industry. I don't know what van Gaal is doing. I don't think he knows what he's doing anymore. I personally think there are issues with the squad and there are a number of players I don't think are good enough, but when you consider the money that's been spent, that only makes it worse. I can't think of a United midfielder this season who's been consistently on a level similar to Mark bloody Albrighton and N'Golo Kante at Leicester or Dele Alli at Spurs. I guess Herrera has his moments. Sorry for the longwinded post. I just hate what I'm seeing and had to get some things off my chest.
  5. I'm managing Clermont Foot in the French second tier because I let the game choose a team for me. Shame it also means the one female manager in the world of men's football had to step down! So far, with a side predicted to finish in mid-table, I've played eight, won five, drawn two and lost one. So I think the game is lulling me into a false sense of security!