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  1. I think I'm right in saying that the bat is a traditional symbol of the Valencian community (and possibly Catalonia too). Levante have a bat on their badge as well.
  2. I've been having me a good old read through this thread. It's always interesting to follow other people's saves. A few of things stand out to me. Firstly, when you're saying how terrible a season is when you miss out on the title on goal difference but still win silverware, remember that you're managing Derby County! Every season you've had in the top flight with Derby would be mindblowing in real life. Remember what it was like when Leicester won the league? Well you've annihilated that achievement! I wouldn't be so down on any of your seasons with Derby, although I realise you've grown their reputation massively. Don't worry, I'm not complaining. Just hoping to cheer you up! Every season you've had would thrill Derby fans. Also, how many goals are in your save?! It's not just your fixtures, it seems. Your FM world has gone goal-crazy! One of my longstanding gripes with FM is players coming through with ridiculous names: Lewis Lewis?! And how many teenagers are called Clive or Terry or Bob these days? You've had no players come through at all who sound like they're from an ethnic minority background. It's a fact that most Premier League clubs have diverse academies these days. FM doesn't reflect it properly. I'm also not convinced the work permit situation will be as brutal post-Brexit in real life as it seems to be in the game. And FM needs to factor in the transition period because I don't think much will change in terms of who you can sign from Europe during that period. Loving following your save though!
  3. If Louis van Gaal came into Old Trafford with the intention of reducing the pool of established players, especially in attacking areas, in order to give youth a chance, I'm prepared to give him his due there. I'm just not convinced he really thought things through that much. I'm not sure what his strategy ever is. As far as I could tell, he showed up, thought he could bring his formation and style from his successful Netherlands side to United, told us to give it a couple of months to allow it to work, realised it didn't work, ditched it and then winged it ever since. Injuries are still the main reason young players have found themselves in the first team squad, couple with poor form from a number of players which seems to have reduced his faith in them. If these chances came about because he made sure the squad was small in order to allow youngsters to get there chance, fair enough. A brave and flawed approach, though.
  4. These two statements are entirely contradictory. Why should he be praised for doing something it was literally impossible not to do? If we'd not had constant injuries crises, we just wouldn't have seen the likes of Rashford or Fosu-Mensah this season.
  5. Chris Smalling on today's game: "It was a game where they were well organised, we were well organised and we cancelled each other out. It was gutting to lose really. To concede in a sloppy way when two teams were so well organised is unacceptable." This is the root of the problem. Under Ferguson, we'd concede sloppy goals. We sometimes lined up with Mikael Silvestre, John O'Shea and Wes Brown in the same back four. But we had bags of attacking quality and attacking intent. We'd remedy lapses of concentration at the back (or at least try to) by going all out - especially at home. We also need to get over the fact that the opposition are "well-organised". A manager isn't earning his corn if his side don't set up at Old Trafford to keep it tight. We need to ask ourselves why we can't unlock this. Juan Mata was purchased to answer that specific problem. Wayne Rooney is paid astronomical sums of money presumably because someone somewhere thinks he might be quite good at scoring and/or creating goals. Isn't Ander Herrera supposed to be the best attacking midfielder we've had since Paul Scholes? We never have a settled defence, and we can't break down sides that do. There's plenty of blame to apportion - some of the players, Louis van Gaal, Ed Woodward, David Moyes, Sir Alex Ferguson, the Glazers. They've all done their part to create this situation.
  6. That Tottenham v Leicester match was fantastic. Two sides - both theoretically weakened to some extent - exhibiting the stamps of their respective managers, playing with purpose, looking to get forward, disciplined where necessary but clearly trusted to play with freedom and to express themselves. Now I thought that, during the latter few seasons of Ferguson's reign we were quite tedious to watch at times once players like Ronaldo and Tevez went elsewhere and Scholes and Giggs faded, but the way I just described the Spurs/Leicester game could have been referring to what we were treated to for the majority of the last quarter-century. You can argue that we never had any right to expect to dominate the domestic game the way we used to and that it was always going to be tough once Fergie left, and of course Chelsea and Man City now have monumental resources, but to trash an identity so meticulously constructed, to throw a philosophy out of the window so brazenly - what right does Louis van Gaal think he has to do this? At least Fergie's more austere, less attractive final few years saw a degree of success to offset that change in style. And Moyes was just never up to the job. I can't believe van Gaal doesn't understand what is expected at Old Trafford. I'm sure some of us would tolerate this staid, monotonous, shackled new dawn if it was working, but it isn't. I was jealous of Spurs and Leicester today. Granted, it finished 2-2, so you could argue a bit more conservatism might have seen one side or another through. But at least it suggested the two managers know they're in the entertainment industry. I don't know what van Gaal is doing. I don't think he knows what he's doing anymore. I personally think there are issues with the squad and there are a number of players I don't think are good enough, but when you consider the money that's been spent, that only makes it worse. I can't think of a United midfielder this season who's been consistently on a level similar to Mark bloody Albrighton and N'Golo Kante at Leicester or Dele Alli at Spurs. I guess Herrera has his moments. Sorry for the longwinded post. I just hate what I'm seeing and had to get some things off my chest.
  7. I'm managing Clermont Foot in the French second tier because I let the game choose a team for me. Shame it also means the one female manager in the world of men's football had to step down! So far, with a side predicted to finish in mid-table, I've played eight, won five, drawn two and lost one. So I think the game is lulling me into a false sense of security!
  8. The first move came about because I did well and then a better job came along. The second was just me throwing in the towel effectively. I do prefer to settle somewhere. Hopefully that'll be here. I've been to Sheffield the same amount of times as I've been to Nizhniy Novgorod and Yaroslavl... Zero. So, they're all equally as (un)familiar to me.
  9. Sheffield United FC Season 2015/2016 DECEMBER This Month's Fixtures Three games left in December, and they're all perfectly winnable. Doncaster and Portsmouth are in the bottom half and struggling. Colchester are having a good season and are in good form just outside the play-offs, but I hope we'll have too much for them. This Month's Results Saturday December 19th, 2015 League One The Weston Homes Community Stadium, Colchester Colchester United 4-3 Sheffield United My teams never win away. A dreadful start. It looks like I've brought the problems I had at Shinnik with me. We were woeful at the back. Wild tackles, a penalty conceded, a man sent off - it just all went wrong. My teams have always looked like they can score, but I obviously need to focus on defence because I cannot bring my problems from elsewhere with me wherever I go. Colchester are doing really well and played well, but we shouldn't have collapsed the way we did. Att: 4,025 MotM: Ryan Flynn (Sheffield United) - 9.2 Saturday December 26th, 2015 League One Bramall Lane, Sheffield Sheffield United 1-0 Doncaster Rovers Unbelievable that it took a penalty to beat them. Their keeper was in inspired form. For 90 minutes, we battered away at the Donny goal, but it just wouldn't go in. And so we had to settle for a narrow win. We could honestly have won this about 5-0 or 6-0. No side of mine has ever put in a more dominant performance. And yet it looks like we scraped it. Att: 19,919 MotM: Bob Harris (Sheffield United) - 7.2 As if to demonstrate just how much we battered Doncaster, I give you the below... Monday December 28th, 2015 League One Fratton Park, Portsmouth Portsmouth 1-1 Sheffield United Another game where I felt our good play wasn't rewarded. Portsmouth clung on at 1-0 down and took advantage in the 63rd minute by equalising. From then on, I guess either side could have won it, but we should have been out of sight by the time they scored. I have to wonder where our killer instinct is. I have a good squad at my disposal and the players generally look comfortable on the ball, but it's not translating into the kind of wins I want. We need to improve in front of goal, and I didn't think that would be the problem after the Colchester game. Att: 12,740 MotM: James Dunne (Portsmouth) - 8.1 Current Standings An average month since I took over. If anything, I've interrupted the team's good form, which is a shame. We've slipped a couple of places, but we're still well in touch with the promotion spots, and I've a couple of very interesting new signings on the way in January. Watch this space...
  10. Sheffield United FC (England/League One) Would you Adam and Eve it? It would seem that my reputation is still intact. There were plenty of jobs going - some struggling teams looking for a new direction, others better off but still in need of a new man at the helm. I applied for plenty and ended up talking to two clubs. Championship club Blackburn Rovers, lying 17th at the time of the interview, were the most attractive. That was until I looked at their finances. They are up poop creek without hands, let alone a paddle. I wasn't going to wade into that mess. Which means I am the new manager of Sheffield United. This is a great opportunity. A big club in need of a bit of direction and a fresh start, I take on the challenge of getting the Blades back to where they would feel they deserve to be. I'm really looking forward to getting started after losing heart at Shinnik. Information Sheffield United shouldn't need too much introduction. They're a big club in League One and desperate to get out of it. Financially, they are in a decent position under a moderately wealthy owner. I don't expect vast transfer budgets or anything like that, but they're not about to go out of business. Current League Table I can't seem to squeeze the whole of League One onto the screen at once, so I may as well just post the part of the table that's relevant to the club. Ambitions - Short term: The club is fourth in the league. To make the play-offs is the absolute minimum requirement for the season. I'd like to be celebrating promotion, though. - Medium term: To get an even footing in the Championship and start challenging for promotion. - Long term: I don't like to think too long term. I'm on my third club already. But if I were to stay for a while, I'd like to get into the Premier League and then stay there. That would be something.
  11. I don't remember exactly what I gave myself. If anyone knows where I can look, let me know. I definitely have some badges. National reputation, former professional. That much, I do remember. I know. I wasn't under that much pressure. But that tells you something. It's a small club for the top flight and I couldn't see me turning it round. Maybe I would have. I'll never know. But I doubt I could have kept them up. And then I'd have been back where I started. That's fine, but I actually don't know if I could have got them promoted again.
  12. Shinnik Yaroslavl Shinnik announce departure of manager Kobylko "It is with regret that Shinnik Yaroslavl must announce that manager Michael Kobylko has resigned his post and leaves Shinnik Stadium. The board of Shinnik is extremely disappointed to be losing a coach they hold in high regard, but we accept Mr. Kobylko's decision. The transition to the Premier League has proven a tough one, but the board felt Mr. Kobylko was performing well in the circumstances. The club wishes to place on record its thanks to Mr. Kobylko for his hard work during his time here. All those who love Shinnik will remember fondly how he came in and helped guide the club into the top flight. The board of Shinnik will announce a replacement in due course. In the meantime, we call on all supporters to get behind their team and do all they can over the remaining months of the season to ensure a strong finish." Michael Kobylko's official statement "The last eighteen months living and managing in Russia have been a revelation for me. It has been a challenge like none I have faced in my career. I will always remain proud of the promotion we achieved at Shinnik, and equally as proud of the effort my players put in in the top flight. I leave the club bottom of the league, but with a good chance of staying up. Some might question my decision to walk away at this stage, but in my heart, I know it is the right thing to do. There are a number of reasons why I feel I am no longer the right man for the job, but it all comes down to the fact that something needed to change. Results were not going our way, and there is no reason why Shinnik Yaroslavl should just slip meekly out of the division. The players need a manager better attuned to the rigours of Russian football, a coach with a better grasp of the language and somebody who knows the game in this country better than I do. It is hard for me to admit this, but it is important to do so. I want to thank Shinnik Yaroslavl for appointing an inexperienced manager like myself and giving me a chance, and for being supportive during these trying few months. I also must thank the supporters who never turned on me and always gave us phenomenal support. I know how rare such patience can be in Russian football. Ultimately, I feel I have unfinished business in this country, so maybe one day we will meet again. I wish everybody connected with Shinnik Yaroslavl all the best." And with that, he was gone...
  13. FC Shinnik Yaroslavl Season 2015/2016 DECEMBER This Month's Fixtures Just the one fixture before the long winter break starts, and it would be nice to pick up a win against a Rubin side having a woeful season and really up against it. I'm not holding out much hope, though! This Month's Results Saturday December 5th, 2015 Russian Premier League Shinnik Stadium, Yaroslavl Shinnik Yaroslavl 2-3 Rubin Kazan Unbelievable. The most disheartening of all our defeats. Leading 1-0 and cruising, to being 2-1 down on 88 minutes. Then, we at least appear to have salvaged a point with a 90th minute equaliser, but no, our inept defence proceeded to make sure we throw it all away. That's it. I can't do this job. I'm not the man for this club. Att: 11,159 MotM: Mubarak Wakaso (Rubin Kazan) - 9.0 December Standings I give up. I can't keep this club up. I could stick around and maybe try and get us promoted again, but what's the point? The resources just aren't there to build anything. There's no point yo-yoing between the two divisions, which is the best I can hope for. And even then, I don't know if I could get this lot promoted again. So... Yep, I'm outta there. It's too hard, but I hope the new man they bring in can turn things round. I doubt he will.
  14. FC Shinnik Yaroslavl Season 2015/2016 NOVEMBER This Month's Fixtures The form we're in suggests we probably won't get much joy out of November, either. The game against Kuban Krasnodar could not be more crucial - a real relegation six-pointer. The exact same can be said of the clash with Torpedo Moscow. Anything we get against CSKA and Spartak is going to be a bonus. This Month's Results Sunday November 8th, 2015 Russian Premier League Shinnik Stadium, Yaroslavl Shinnik Yaroslavl 0-2 Kuban Krasnodar I hate to get overly despondent, but this shows why I feel increasingly like we might be doomed. The squad just isn't good enough. We've been played off the park on our own patch by a side that have been bottom of the league for most of the season. I real sense of doom and gloom after this one. We just never got going and didn't deserve to get anything from the match. Att: 10,230 MotM: Vladislav Ignatjev (Kuban Krasnodar) - 8.4 Tuesday November 10th, 2015 Russian Premier League CSKA Peschanoe, Moscow CSKA Moscow 2-1 Shinnik Yaroslavl The difference in performance level from the Kuban game was incredible. But in the end, we're still caught out by the same old problems - we can't defend and can't hold out. For the first 45 minutes, we dominated the league leaders and deserved to go in a goal up. But you just knew we couldn't stop them scoring for 90 minutes and so it proved. As the pressure mounted, I knew we'd cave, and so it proved. I can't be too harsh because we've done well here, but when you get in front, and when you're so close to at least a point, you have to take it. We're slipping into deep trouble. Att: 11,617 MotM: Mikhail Bakaev (Shinnik Yaroslavl) - 8.3 Friday November 20th, 2015 Russian Premier League Shinnik Stadium, Yaroslavl Shinnik Yaroslavl 0-0 Torpedo Moscow I really thought this game might be the one that got us going again. Surely, at home to a Torpedo side in freefall, we'd somehow pick up three points. Truth be told, this is an illustration of where we are - right down there with the very worst sides in the division. Perhaps I'm being too harsh. We're a tiny club at this level so it was always going to be tough, but I thought we'd make a better fist of it than this. The goalless draw was a fair result from a really poor game of football. Att: 9,190 MotM: Ivan Franjic (Torpedo Moscow) - 7.2 Saturday November 28th, 2015 Russian Premier League Otkritie Arena, Moscow Spartak Moscow 1-0 Shinnik Yaroslavl Another really plucky performance against one of the big boys, but it wasn't enough. I wish we could play like this against the sides we really need to beat. Our season would be looking quite a lot different if we could. Don't get me wrong, we faced plenty of pressure and someone finally missed a penalty against us, but we defended as doggedly as I've seen us do all season and had our chances. We're just not clinical enough. We don't have the quality to make the most out of our periods on top in games. Spartak know they were in a game today, but we need points fast now. Att: 11,630 MotM: Alexey Kontsedalov (Shinnik Yaroslavl) - 7.9 November Standings I don't know what to say. I knew it would be tough, but this is demoralising. We not putting up a strong enough fight. It's the squad - it just isn't good enough. Thank god for Barry Bannan because we'd be well adrift by now without him. I wish I had more players like him, but the resources just aren't there. We can't live with most of the sides in this league and you can see where we're heading...
  15. FC Shinnik Yaroslavl Season 2015/2016 OCTOBER This Month's Fixtures I also have a fixture away to Zenit at the end of the month that I forgot to include in the screenshot. This month mixes really tough matches with those that we have to get something from. There's no gimmes here - no strugglers or relegation candidates. But in Anzhi and Arsenal Tula, we face sides that we have to believe can get something out of. Lokomotiv Moscow and Zenit St. Petersburg, on the other hand, have vastly better squads and much bigger resources so I'll accept it if we can't get anything from those two games. This Month's Results Saturday October 3rd, 2015 Russian Premier Division Shinnik Stadium, Yaroslavl Shinnik Yaroslavl 1-3 Lokomotiv Moscow It's frustrating how often we concede early goals. And own goals. We're not making it difficult enough for teams. Yes, Lokomotiv are better than us, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't make life hard for them. We have to be harder to beat. I cannot find a recipe for a tighter defence and it's hurting us. This wasn't one of those occasions where I can say at least we played quite well - we didn't. Att: 14,136 MotM: Nemanja Pejcinovic (Lokomotiv Moscow) - 8.0 Sunday October 18th, 2015 Russian Premier Division Anzhi Arena, Kaspiysk Anzhi Makhachkala 3-0 Shinnik Yaroslavl Anzhi, no longer the wealthy upstarts of a few years ago, were promoted with us last season, but they've adapted better to life in the top tier. Nevertheless, we had to target this as a winnable fixture, and we ended up letting ourselves badly. We were woeful and another one of our flaws - giving away penalties - was exposed - why does nobody ever miss against us? Anzhi outclassed us from start to finish and it's hard to know what I can do. Away from home we don't look like we'll ever get anything. Att: 7,541 MotM: Mikhail Komkov (Anzhi Makhachkala) - 8.1 Friday October 23rd, 2015 Russian Premier Division Shinnik Stadium, Yaroslavl Shinnik Yaroslavl 3-1 Arsenal Tula Still no clean sheet, but a really good performance. Easily our best of the season, we were on top from start to finish, and it was vital to get something from what was shaping up to be a desperate month. This win actually lifts us out of the relegation zone altogether. I feel sorry for Barry Bannan - he should be playing for a far better team than us. He's been brilliant. Att: 9,787 MotM: Nikita Bazhenov (Shinnik Yaroslavl) - 9.0 Saturday October 31st, 2015 Russian Premier Division Petrovsky Stadium, St. Petersburg Zenit St. Petersburg 2-1 Shinnik Yaroslavl Once again, undone by our inability to hold out and frustrate sides. Two early goals left us with a mountain to climb against title hopefuls Zenit. But I have to give the players credit - they were like lions in the second half, scrapping away and almost snatching an unlikely draw. If we could defend better we would have got something here. We were the better side in the second 45. Away to the big sides, we seem to do okay. It's games like this that give me that dangerous thing - hope. Att: 19,375 MotM: Hulk (Zenit St. Petersburg) 8.8 October Standings We're having a tough time, and I hoped to get more than one win from the month. I also feel we need to start scraping the odd draw here and there. Too many defeats. Nevertheless, we have climbed out of the trouble zone. If we finish where we are, I'll be delighted. Still glad to see the back of October. It wasn't great. Pleased to see the board are happy enough. It's nice to have a board that actually understands what we're up against. What a shame the chairman is looking to move aside.
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