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  1. tony1977

    match detail

    cheers for the quick response. whats the difference though with the full and quick match engine?
  2. whats the story with match detail again? if im managing in say England and have Italy as a playable league, whats the differences with having Italy on no or full match detail?
  3. I always thought FM games were updated at the end of every season so for example if I was to start a career game today and then an update was released when the game launches next week then all those fixes would take affect on my save when I ended a season. is this not the case?
  4. tony1977

    diffuculty settings?

    that's exactly the answer I was hoping and looking for. I had a bad feeling we were starting to go down the route of having different match engines for different difficulties. cheers.
  5. tony1977

    diffuculty settings?

    I don't mean to sound bad but have you guys actually played fm15? on the challenges screen, for each different challenge there is a drop down menu which allows you to select easy, normal or hard.
  6. tony1977

    diffuculty settings?

    yeah I know that but there is an option to select easy, normal and hard for each challenge. id hate to such options eventually make it into the full career mode. I didn't play last years fm, is this a new feature? and what does these options affect?
  7. ive noticed on the challenges there is a difficulty setting, easy medium and hard. what do these affect? I hope we aren't on the slippery slope of having difficulty settings in FM.
  8. im havin the same issue. it seems youneed to generate the match report and access the stats through that which does involve a few more mouse clicks that previously.
  9. totally agree with making instructions player specific or at least giving an option to do this.
  10. tony1977

    no achievements?

    strange how the FM12 steam store page doesnt mention achievements. no probs, just thought id chek anyways.
  11. just looking at the FM12 game page on steam i dont see any achievements listed, are they no longer part of FM?
  12. it defo wasnt a chairmen decision, hell there wasnt even an offer tabled in the inbox! i have around 50 leagues loaded so processing take a few mins longer than usual, thats why i tend to always go on holiday until the next so i can alt tab out while its processing. to make matters worse in that same game, the game crashed a couple of weeks after the transfer deadline. i had it on weekly autosave but when i reloaded it had randomized my squad registrations. im was tempted to post these issues in the bugs forum but ive had these things happen before so it would would impossible to reproduce them. just hope they're a one off.
  13. ive just had an outrageous thing happen. one of my top defenders who i had set to reject all offers has just left my club on a season long loan while i was on a 3 day holiday. when i looked through the in box there were no offers for him and it was set to reject all so why has this happened. not cool
  14. from my experience you need to have it set to at least very low to maintain bar levels.