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  1. I uploaded the save file with the name "Bteam Aaron Chase.fm"
  2. Yeah I found the save where the advice appears I labeled it "Bteam Aaron Chase.fm" the date it appeared is Jan 14th 2020 and one of the players i sent to the b team is Diego Astudillo and if you click his name the game crash. I uploaded the save with the name "Bteam Aaron Chase.fm"
  3. unfortunately I dont have that save anymore, only information on juan was he was my fav prospect but did have space in first team and u19 was not good enough for him so when b team became available that i sent him there immediately. I was only able to send him there with coachs advice to send him to the b team. I cant manually send anyone to bteam.
  4. When I got a promotion to first division in the Chilean league I was asked if i wanted a b team I said yes. In the beginning I could not find anything relating to the b team in dev center but did not pay it no mind. I was laking some depth in first team and thought to promote one of my bteam players and since i could not find i thought to search for the player which I knew the name of. When i search the player my game crashs. His name is Juan Vidal D(L) it is also showing he is a free agent. I uploaded save to the cloud with name "Aaron Chase - Unemployed.fm"
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