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  1. Port Talbot Town FC - Season 2 (2021-22) Competitions - Squad - Transfers - Finances - Season Review - Season Awards - Overall Best 11 League - Managed to win the league on the last day with a convincing 4-1 win thanks to 2 sending off for the Opposition. Spending most of the season in the top 3 we went 6 points clear with 9 games to go. we then lost 3 of the next 5 which made it interesting in true FM style but managed to secure the title on the last day thanks to our win and Llantwit Major drawing. Cups - We were knocked out early in the Second round of the Na
  2. Port Talbot Town FC - Season 1 (2020-21) Youth Candidates (Touted as a "Golden Generation") Top Prospects - James Rodon 21A - Bobby Mclernon 21C - Ben Gibbens 21J - Barry Reed 21O Competitions Season Division Pos Welsh Cup NMG Cup Euro League Champions League Top Goalscorer Top Assists Highest AvRat Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Training Facilities Av Attendance Season Tickets Achievements 2020/21 JD South 4th Quarters Quarters N/A N/A Kieran Thomas 11 Morgan Thomas 8 Matthew Beynon 7.12 Average Limited Adequate 251 145
  3. Anyone Just starting and looking for a Centre Mid have a look at Matt Carter he has won my player of the year every year and is just Mr Reliable. I have played him as a Box to Box or Centre mid on support. Here is a current screenshot in my 6th season
  4. Carshalton Athletic - Vanarama National - 2024/25 League- Our first season in the Vanarama National and early on look as we could have been in for a long season losing 4 1st team starters. We got off to a decent start winning 5, drawing 2 and losing 3 had us sitting just outside the playoffs. A very inconsistent winter saw us slowly fall away from the playoffs and a shocking end to the season only winning 2 games in the last 17 fixtures we ended a respectable 13th. Player of the Year / Most Assists / Top AvRating - Matt Carter Young Player of the Year / Top Goalscorer - Fabio Lo
  5. Carshalton Athletic - Vanarama National South - 2023/24 League- With the disappointment of the loss in the playoffs last season we set out to push for the league this season. With a few key players in the last year of their contract looking for a bigger challenge i thought we may get a bit of unrest as i decided to ignore most of their request, Fortunately it didn't effect the squad that much as the team leaders spoke most of them around and we got of to a flying start. 28 games undefeated and we had a strong lead at the top going into January where we lost our first game. We manage to cl
  6. Yea cup runs are what i concentrate on early as clubs always struggle financially. November and December seem to be the months my league form takes a dive with all the rotation and tired players. Thinking of prioritising the league this season just to take that next step.
  7. Carshalton Athletic - Vanarama National South - 2022/23 League- After missing out on the playoffs last season the media predicted us to finish 4th. A strong start to the season saw us sitting in the playoff all season whilst never really pushing for automatic promotion we finished exactly where the media predicted 4th and embarked on our first playoff campaign. Playoffs- First up we had Dorking Wanderers a goal late in the first half gave us the lead and despite holding on for most of the second half we scrapped through with our keeper bagiing the MOM, Then we had our local rivals B
  8. Carshalton Athletic - Vanarama National South - 2021/22 League- Predicted to finish 7th we made a flying start to the season only losing once in August and going undefeated in september. We then hit the winter run and the wheels fell off during a tough FA cup run, the league title started to turn into a struggle to stay in the playoffs. With only 3 wins in our last 10 games we finished 8th 2 Points off the playoffs. Player of the Year / Young Player of the Year / Most Assists / Top AvRating - Matt Carter Top Goalscorer - Lewis walker
  9. So made it to the 3rd round of the FA Cup rewarded with a home tie against non other than Man Utd.👀👀👀 Lets hope my s**thouse tactic does the same to them as it did to Bristol Rovers and Exeter aswell as them putting out the kids!
  10. Cheers, Yea looking to make playoffs media predicting 7th after preseason transfers currently top in late September but looking like a tight league this year, squad is a lot better than last season so hopefully stick it out this time and not fall away. I am off work until the 13th so looks like i should be able to get some serious game time in!
  11. Carshalton Athletic - Vanarama National South - 2020/21 League- Predicted to finish 21st when we took over after a massive overhaul of the squad bringing in 10 players overall and releasing 13 we actually started the season predicted to finish 14th. We had a good august only losing twice we found ourselves just inside the playoffs. Flirting with the playoffs for most the season we finally dropped out towards the end drawing too many games and in our last 10 games we won 4 and lost 6 which lead to us missing out and finishing a respectful 10th. Surprisingly i managed to win Manager of the
  12. So after a couple failed attempts at the youth challenge i have decided to give up and start over with this challenge! Sticking with Carshalton. Hopefully i can get out of the National South!! Managers Profile Club Vision Best XI Club Overview Breaking News
  13. So i have decided to start over after the full release going to stick with Carshalton.
  14. Had one who was already at the club from the unplayable season but the AI must have only signed him to a youth contract and Ipswich poached him for 15K. The Finances are about to hit 750K in the red and the highest offer i have had for my best prospect is 5k i negotiated up to 20k then they walked away. He is now pissed squads pissed i ruined his dream. Maybe i will struggle out one more season hopefully we get a takeover but we will surely be well over a million in debt by the end of the season.
  15. We averaged 572 in the first season and 603 in the second. so understandably the income from that is awful! I guess the need to sell is massive but with only being able to offer one year contracts negotiating fees with other clubs is a chore especially when they all have higher reps. FA cup runs have been hard as both seasons i have been drawn against national league teams. Going to take the easy route and start again with FC United hopefully the better rep and higher attendances will helps move the off field part of the challenge along quicker.
  16. So i am going to stop this challenge with Carshalton i managed to stay up in the second season but despite being under 50% of my wage budget i was still losing 150-200K a season and then at the start of my third season the board decided to expand the stadium at a cost of 150K leaving us in over 600K worth of debt. Sort of makes an impossible challenge even more impossible. Thinking of starting again with FC United as at least the attendances they get will give us a chance of progressing off the field. Anybody else struggling with finances? Find it hard to believe that i am only spending 2.8k P
  17. Carshalton Athletic FC - Class of 22 A decent intake this year again as we look to establish ourselves in the National League South. The key players that could make a impact on the first team are. Sam Hessenthaler Y22A Left Midfielder, Andy Murray Y22B Right Midfielder, Tommy Miles Y22C Left Midfielder, Ricky O'Neil Y22D Attacking Midfielder and Olly Still Y22E Defensive Midfielder
  18. CARSHALTON ATHLETIC F.C - Season 2020/21 - National League South League - Not a bad first season Never really looked in trouble and finished 12 points above the relegation zone in 17th. Youth Intake - The term Golden Generation seems to be thrown around a lot in the beta and going by my candidates i have a diamond generation with eight 4-5* potential players. Very excited by one of the three goalkeepers that came through the intake this season. David Siddall already a 2.5 * current ability and a 5* Potential, George Kember looks a decent prospect w
  19. So after reading through this thread i think my minds been made up in making this challenge my main save for FM20! looking forward to the struggles with you all! Ive decided to go with Carshalton as its close to where i lived in England before i moved to Australia. Wish me luck!!
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