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  1. i've done 6 seasons on my boston save, the prem top scores have had the following: S1: 22, 21, 20 S2: 19, 18, 16 S3: 18, 18, 16 S4: 17, 17, 17 S5: 16, 15, 15 this all seems really low for the premier league top scorers
  2. Yeah I have a 1060ti card with an AMD 8350 eight core processor and I'm getting under 60fps using the 3d engine (generally between 50-60 and sometimes drops below or the game freezes a bit).
  3. i get why. im managing boston right now and i keep thinking i should've done a different save but im halfway through my third season now though so i have to stick to it. best of luck
  4. yeah its insane. i stopped my save because of it but i hope they fix it because unemployed saves are easily my favourites
  5. i've always found northern ireland to be really boring, i think loughall was one of the few jobs you could get off the start in a previous fm and its the one i never took as well haha
  6. did a little thing with swindon last year and managed them in a short unemployed save this year, really fun and a lot of potential in the club.
  7. the only issues are that the game is typically a bit buggy in the beta, but that isn't stopping me. i think if you take them over while they're in the national league north (like get them relegated, resign, then take over again) i think you would get the achievement yeah
  8. thats a rough time with rangers lmao southampton again! they have to be the most popular one on this form haha, it does sound good though. best of luck
  9. thats a really good first season to be fair, braga aren't one of the title favourites if im right? i mean yeah i guess making sure you keep a hold of your good players should be your priority but thats still alright.
  10. english non league is always my favourite. i messed around with an unemployed save before and had the exact same thing, did alright with swindon in league two and got an interview from everton lmao
  11. yeah olmo looks really good this year, 3 years into my save hes valued at 41m and playing for atletico. i can't wait for the full game release cuz the game is still a little buggy, but the new features are good right now im using a high tempo short passing 4-3-1-2 thats working decent. gegenpress is always gonna be strong though
  12. damn thats rough, how much was his release clause at? yeah serie a is always fun to be fair, a lot of 5 at the back which you don't really see that much anywhere else
  13. ahhhh that makes sense to be fair. best of luck haha
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