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  1. A couple of ideas that I have would be fairly simple: 1 - Loaning players to feeder clubs. When signing a player who doesn't have a work permit, i'd like to have the option to "ask player if he will be prepared to play at <feeder vlub> to attain work permit". In my game i've signed a few players without WP but they aren't interested in playing for my Belgian 2nd division feeder team, so i've ended up selling them on. 2 - Delaying the acceptance of other jobs. I've not experienced this yet in FM 07 but in 06 I was managing Liverpool, and was 3 days away from the Champs League final, which if i'd won would have been my 2nd League/Champs League double on the bounce. I then got offered the Barcelona job, which I really wanted, but there wasn't the option to delay the offer until the end of the season. Hence I had to walk out of Liverpool 3 days before the Champs League final. I think it would be better if you get offered a jop from April onwards you have the option of accepting the job from the end of that season. The board could stop you transfer listing any players etc or doing anything to give you an advantage.
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