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  1. High usage and very low temp probably means that the card doesn't boost. Try to set "prefer max performance" via Nvidia control panel and check if forcing the boost the usage % decrease. I also have the same problem with my 1050ti and honestly, I found quite absurd having an 80-90% in a game like fm with something that is not an integrated card.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Don't worry, i have no intention to change the card for that, or better, not now and not for fm. Simply looks insane having such hardware usage in a game like fm, it's more than pes. Anyway, if this situation is normal i suppose there isn't anything to do, it looks weird.
  3. Hi, like said in the title, i've noticed an insane gpu usage. honestly, I don't know if this is a real problem or just the normal amount of resources needed by your 3d engine (i haven't checked the last years) but to me, especially considering how simple the engine is, it seemed a little bit excessive having the gpu running at full clock (1795mhz) with a usage of 70%-90%. Now, the 1050ti is becoming older, i know that, but is this normal? I've made some screenshots during a match in a huge stadium but the situation is quite similar everywhere, in smaller structure, with fewer models on the stands, the usage is just the 10% lower. The card is a 1050ti(desktop), perfectly working, benchmarked less than two weeks ago, no blue screen, no artifacts or other problems, excluding some weird glitches with shadows in fm20. The resolution is 1080p with no drs activated, the graphic is set to very high and isn't boosted in any way via nvidia control panel, for safety i've also checked the global setting and there isn't anything that can increase the gpu usage. So, it's me, it's just normal, it's an optimization issue? I ask pardon if i killed the English in many different and cruel ways, thanks for the help.
  4. "Un" in its masculine form don't need the apostrophe, it's a grammatical error. "Un indennizzo"
  5. Same problem here and, in some situations, looks like the players' models are flying detached from the pitch.
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