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  1. second season update so far doing no bad here are a few pic of season and transfers
  2. Started a new save with rangers here is my first season won the treble lost out in europa league at play off bit here are my results in first season and my transfers and tactic 1st season i also got rui costa currently on my second season and here are my second season transfers already
  3. ftblmanager great success with rangers what is your tactic?
  4. won the league and league cup and got to first knock out round of europa league here are few screen shots of my season and players in first season my transfers as well there is my tactic and team instructions do u think i need to change it or stick to it? morelos with 36 goals herrea 30 cummings 26 and sola 28 any players to get in second season?
  5. won league and league cup in first season any new players or staff to get?
  6. what do u think abut my season so far season 1
  7. help with this tactic striker is not scoring?
  8. show a picture of your tactic mate and team instructions
  9. hi any help with this tactic started off well now on a bad spell
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