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  1. Unticking the "Allow player who has scored 2 goals to take penalty" instruction doesn't work. Players on a hat trick still take penalties over the chosen taker.
  2. Same here. IRL the very best penalty takers score around 90%. In-game, it's 60% at best. Also, penalties seem to be missed/saved mostly in cup games, for some reason. Is there some code specifying that cup games are higher pressure or something?
  3. +1. Same here. Annoying when your lumbering centre back who has smashed in two goals with his face then decides to blast his penality into row Z when you've explicitly told your team not to do that.
  4. Played a few games with the new patch. Huuuuuge improvement. Wide play problems resolved, as far as I can see. Nor (so far at least) does the AI, when put under pressure, just resort to kicking my players until they have 2 or 3 (or, on one occasion, 4) players sent off. True that there are a lot more long balls over the top, even from players who 'Play short simple passes,' etc. Not a problem for me as I've been playing a direct tactic anyway and previously the problem was with not getting bogged down in midfield congestion. Will try dialing directness settings back a bit and see if it be
  5. I noticed Barca not having that set. However, the responsibility for club vision seems to mostly come from the Chairperson/President. Different options are available on a person's Club Vision compared to the section in the club profile, too.
  6. I had this same issue and assumed it was a result of my own ignorance. Kind of wish it was… Hope SI get this changed. It'd be a strange thing to take away on purpose.
  7. The 'swap positions' option in tactics is fun but extremely limited. It only allows players swap positions if none of them have individual instructions set. If they do have individual instructions, they just swap once (after about 13 minutes) and then never swap back. It would be great if swap positions and individual instructions could be set at the same time.
  8. Truly two-footed players are uncommon. However, you may have seen the young Mason Greenwood using both feet to take free kicks and penalties. Impressive! In FM2019, his stats are 'left foot: 20' and 'right foot: 18.' However, in the game, even a player with 20/20 left/right foot will never alternate which side they use for set pieces. A player with 20/20 left/right will always act as though they are right-footed, by default. A PPM that makes them alternate between left and right depending on the circumstance (perhaps mediated by their 'decision' stat) would be very cool. Particularly if G
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