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  1. Steklo - The first (I think) new skin for FM08

    Ok I downloaded that folder and put it in but it still didnt work. Is their a setting I have to change or maybe they are not in the right location? Here is where the folders are: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 08/Skins/Steklo/ Then in there I have Fonts, Graphics, Panels, Screens, Settings & Steklo.XML In the fonts one Vera is there and I even added it to my computers fonts but still no luck.
  2. Steklo - The first (I think) new skin for FM08

    I think this skin is great however I cant get mine working. Im pretty sure nobody has had this error so im probably doing something wrong. Anyway i downloaded the skin and put the Steklo folder into the skin and went onto the game and there it was so i clicked it. Went confirm and then it completely screwed it up. I got this warning come up about some error with resources: veso or something. Took me about 5-10 min of Ctrl-Alt-Del to finally end it. Anyway all the files are in there i think so I dont get why it isnt working. Any help?