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  1. Avoid The Drop 2011

    what patch are you using? there was the issues with loading games with polish leagues, which was fixed once i updated to the latest patch.
  2. Two thumbs up GCB. Good to see that this will be a competative season
  3. Avoid The Drop 2011

    yeah. I'm stagnating too. South Africa is smothering me
  4. Player: Tomasz Kuszczak Selling Club: Man U Buying Club: Sunderland Fee: £3m
  5. PLAYER SWAP Club: Man U Player: Fabio SWAPPED FOR Club: Wolves Player: Aaron Hunt FURTHER INFORMATION: Man U pay Wolves £1m
  6. Need a trade man. Only willing to let them go for another midfielder.
  7. First Name: William Last Name: Baldursson City of Birth: Southampton Starting Club: Southampton Position: ST Preferred Foot: Right 20 - Left 10 Height: 182 cm Weight: 87kg Prefered Moves: None Favourite Club: FC Bayern
  8. Man U here. Players I'm willing to offload: Iker Casillas (GK) only if the offer is very good. Edwin van der Sar (GK) Tomasz Kuszczak (GK) Zat Knight (DC) Emmerson Boyce (D RC) Keith Southern (DM, MC) Paul Scholes (MC) Ryan Giggs (AM LC, A LC) Michael Own (ST) Yakubu (ST) ATM I'm looking for: AML / ML AMC / MC DL DR
  9. The 7 brazilians sign up!

  10. sent it in the other day (yay man U)
  11. The 7 brazilians sign up!

    Lol. I blame my agent - must be a real greedy bastard How much did Vasco sell me for?
  12. The 7 brazilians sign up!

    *fist pump* Lookin good!
  13. The 7 brazilians sign up!

    Name: Guilherme da Silva Carvalho Born: 1992/July/23