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  1. The mentality "Positive" still has the name "Kontrollera". It had the correct translation (Positiv) in the FM 19 BETA but since the 19 release it got the "Kontrollera" and still got it.
  2. I have the same amount as last year, about 95 000. I´ve tried to clear caches and preferences already. nothing changed. The game quality is low.
  3. Hi, the game speed this year seems to be really slow compare to FM 19; The player search window takes a lot of time to generate players and sort all found players and it is a nightmare to search for players now. The simulation time between days has also been reduced a lot compare to 19. The saving time is also a lot slower. The 2D engine also is a little bit laggy. The general performance also seems a lot slower after the hotfix. I had to revers to the first beta version in steam.
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