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  1. Hi, wasn't sure where to put this. I am currently managing in the 2024-25 season in League 2 and late on in a game my striker went down injured after already making 3 subs. The game let me make a fourth sub to bring off the striker despite being in a league with a maximum of 3 subs. I have attached a .pkm and I do have a save game from right after the game if that would help. Thanks. Accrington v Barwell.pkm
  2. I'm in Australia and I've purchased FM every year for like a decade now from UK retailers This year I purchased from Shopto (a SEGA approved partner) and received a key straightaway. I try it in Steam and it says "Not available. Sorry, but the following items are not available for purchase in this country. Your purchase has been cancelled. Are Australians blocked from purchasing codes from retailers outside the country or is this some other issue with Steam or something?
  3. I play without attribute masking so I don't post here but it seems way easier to sign players this year than in previous years. I have players in my squad that are better than some of my League 2 players in previous years.
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